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H3hyeon Hwang Sehyeon | Self Titled Album of New Daytona Artist

There’s 2 new Daytona Artist in the building! The first one is Lee Sangjae or now known as Touch The Sky, the second one is H3hyeon or known as Hwang Sehyeon. The latest one just release a self titled album! TMI: This is not the first album he released under Daytona, his debut album were actually released under Daytona Entertainment even though he’s not officially a member yet.

H3hyeon Music VIdeo

There’;s two track that were made into music video. The first track Instop is the title track of H3hyeon album but the 2nd track is actually from Lee Sangjae / Touch The Sky upcoming album Wanju 2 Seoul that gonna be released on 2nd of November 2021.

H3hyeon Hwang Sehyeon Track List

Hwang Sehyeon Album cover
  1. Instop ! feat Touch the Sky
  2. Long Long Way feat Gyun
  3. MAMDDA YUMDDA feat Yumdda
  4. Facetime
  5. Drizzle
  6. Paint It feat The Quiett
  7. No Sense feat Mighty Lynx
  8. It’ll Work Out
  9. The Same Space
  10. If U Want feat EXN

H3hyeon profile

H3hyeon start his activities as part of Mommy Son project for young rapper, Mommy Son & Friends. After a while he appear again on School Rapper 4 and awe everyone with his musical range, H3hyeon could handle any type of beat and style without any problem. Since few months ago H3hyeon were rumored to be the next artist to join Daytona Entertainment because Yumdda often post H3hyeon recording and hang out at Yumdda place. The rumor become a reality because he’s the latest artist to join Daytona Entertainment alongside Lee Sangjae.

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