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Groovyroom SMTM 9 | The Duo Behind VVS

Do you know VVS from SMTM9? The producers behind the song appeared for the first time in Show Me the Money. GroovyRoom is the producer everyone has been waiting and worrying about. These Groovyroom SMTM 9 Story.

GroovyRoom is a producer duo from H1GHR MUSIC that made songs for almost every artist in South Korea. Just like their tagline, they are everywhere. They have been making songs for many types of artists like idol groups, solo singers, rappers, RnB singers, even commercials. The group consists of Park Gyu-jeong and Lee Hwi-min. They debuted together in 2015. They are both in a crew called YELOWS MOB.

Before SMTM9, they became the producer for High School Rapper season 2 and 3. So they have the experience of becoming a producer for a survival show. But, every survival show has a different rule and process. So in SMTM9, they faced a new challenge.

Groovyroom SMTM 9 x Justhis Producer Stage

In every season of SMTM, there was a Producer Stage where the producer teams appealed to the contestants to join their team. For the Producer Stage performance, this group performed the song G+Jus Freestyle where JUSTHIS rapped and GroovyRoom was also on the stage with their instruments.

Groovyroom SMTM 9 Judging Style

The official members for JUSTHIS and GroovyRoom SMTM 9 team were Mushvenom, Miranni, Khundi Panda, and Munchman. They teamed up after they sang their version of VVS. JUSTHIS and GroovyRoom mentioned that they wanted to give a chance to new rappers that haven’t gained popularity yet. They wanted to help them through SMTM9.


GroovyRoom produced songs for their team in the SMTM9. The first one we will talk about is VVS. This song is the hottest song in SMTM9. Their team sang this song in the Song Battle Round, two teams faced each other with the same song.

This song got a Perfect All-Kill in Korean music charts and got into Billboard K-Pop 100 in 2020. After SMTM9 ended, the song was remixed again with H1GHR MUSIC members and Kidd King.

Miranni Achoo

After advancing to the Official Stage Round, GroovyRoom made the song Achoo for Miranni. The song featured pH-1 and Haon, their label mates in H1GHR MUSIC. This song showed Miranni strong ambition and dreams as a rapper. This song was also very popular, later after SMTM9 ended H1GHR MUSIC remixed the song with 22 rappers.

Khundi Panda The Roots

For Khundi Panda, GroovyRoom made The Roots for him. Khundi Panda performed the song in the Official Stage Round. The song featured JUSTHIS, their rap style matched well in the song. Khundi Panda and JUSTHIS showed their strong and fiery rap style that we have been waiting for. GroovyRoom SMTM 9 beat that made The Roots matched with JUSTHIS and Khundi Panda style.

Mushvenom Tricker

GroovyRoom also made song for Mushvenom in the Official Stage Round titled Tricker. The song and the performance was very Mushvenom. His unique voice matched well with the song theme. Mushvenom’s unique flow showed together with the performance made a very complex stage.

Mushvenom Godok

After advancing to the Semifinal Round, GroovyRoom made a song for Mushvenom titled Godok. This song has SUPERBEE as a featuring artist. The song is about loneliness, he even made a short skit about how he performed without the producers. Although this song is about loneliness, Mushvenom always made it into a funny song. GroovyRoom SMTM 9 beat and Mushvenom fun rap successfully mesmerized the audience.

Miranni Part Time

For Miranni Semi Final song, GroovyRoom made Part Time with her. This song featured Queen Wasabi. This song is about Miranni life in which she often works as a part timer. This was the last performance from Miranni. She showed her best efforts together with Justhis and GroovyRoom SMTM 9 Producer .

Mushvenom The Beauty of Void

Since Mushvenom got into the Final Round, they made a song for his final performance in Final. The Beauty of Void has JUSTHIS and Jessi as the featured artist. They all made a great groovy song. This was the last Mushvenom performance in SMTM9.

Their last member was Mushvenom. He made it to the second place of the season. Even though they didn’t win the season, they became the winner in the music charts. All songs produced by GroovyRoom gained a lot of streams on music platforms.

Groovyroom SMTM 9 Activities

After SMTM9, GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS bond are still on good terms. Even after the show ended, they all still maintain the friendship also with Mushvenom. GroovyRoom, JUSTHIS, and Mushvenom appeared in Jessi Showterview as the guests.

In 2021, they founded their own label AREA with the first member Gemini. Later in April, Mirani joined the label and became the second member of AREA. She also released a new single under AREA titled Daisy that was written by GroovyRoom.

From all the songs GroovyRoom SMTM 9, we can clearly see that they made various types of songs. GroovyRoom can make the artists shine with the song. They proved to everyone that they were great mentors and producers.


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