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GREE Hi Teen EP | Memories of Youth

Brand New Music artist GREE is back with a new EP titled Hi Teen. Starting out as a rapper, GREE have been exploring his music since changing his name from MC Gree to GREE. Used to be a full fledged hip-hop artist, now he’s exploring new genre including for this EP where element of rock and ballad were dominant in the songs.

GREE Sorry For Loving You feat Yerin

Yerin of GFRIEND participate as featuring artist for the song that share the affectionate love story of two person that become more cautious along the way because they realized how precious the other person is.

Honestly, everything that I said to you wasn’t a lie
I’m Sorry for Loving You
But I Can’t Stop
The Line that separate us,
I’m ready to step over It
I’m Sorry for Loving You
But I Can’t Stop

GREE For Loving You lyrics

GREE Hi Teen EP Look at Me Up

GREE Hi Teen Tracklist

Gree Hi Teen cover
  1. If I Go Back
  2. Sorry for Loving You feat YERIN
  3. HOME
  4. Under the Shade

GREE Profile

Already known to the public at really young age as the son of famous MC and entertainer Kim Gura. Now a part of Brand New Music, GREE participate in HSR 1 and have been making a name for himself as a musician, not only a rapper especially after he change his stage name from MC Gree.

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