GREE Bad Spring

GREE Bad Spring featuring Yoon Dojoon of HIGHLIGHT

GREE Bad spring is a track that show GREE changes as a musician, slowly but surely he’s break off the paradigm that he’s a hip hop rapper and starting to embrace a new side of him as Musician. This time, it’s a track with Yoon Dojoon of Highlight titled Bad Spring.

GREE Bad Spring feat Yoon Dojoon of Highlight

The weather is great, flowers bloom, and it’s sunny outside, but why I’m not feeling good? GREE Bad spring is a song about having a bad mood while everything else looks great.

GREE BAD SPRING lyrics snippet:

“Even if the flowers blooming prettily
even if the weather were nice
All Pretty things that shows spring
Spring took it all
Took it without me knowing
Now i’m just whatever

The song itself produced by producer OnTheRoad who often produce music for Brand New Music Artist. It’s a R&B song with a popsoul guitar as the main theme.

GREE BAD SPRING feat Yoon Dojoon of Highlight credits:

GREE Bad Spring

Produced by GREE, On the road
Composed by GREE, On the road, Kim Seungjun
Lyrics by GREE, On the road, Rhymer
Arranged by On the road Kim Seungjun
Piano by Na Chanyeong
Synthesizer by On the road
Guitar by Kim Seungjun
Bass by Lee Kwang Chae
Drum by On the road, Kim Seungjun
Recorded by Kim Seungjun at 821 Sound
Mixed by Masterkey at 821 Sound 
 Mastered by Masterkey at 821 Sound

GREE profile

Debut in 2016, he’s been trying to break the stigma of many people. First to break from the image of the son of one of the most famous entertainer in South Korea, Kim Gura. Since his debut he been asking people to see him as Gree not as Kim Gura son, including on his debut song Seventeen.

Second stigma he’s trying to break that he’s a rapper. He’s getting rid the word MC from his name, instead only using GREE and exploring other type of music genre, including R&B/Soul.

Listen to GREE Bad Spring on Spotify and Apple Music.


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