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GRAY MINO Team Member SMTM 10 | Graynoma is Top Notch

The latest episode of SMTM 10 show that each producer team already pick 5 rapper going forward. GRAY Mino Team member were Unofficialboyy, Geegooin, BE’O, Anandelight, and Muddthestudent. Lets check out each member profile before we heading to next episode Song Mission.

GRAY MINO Team Member | Unofficialboyy

Name: Lee Surin
Birthdate: 13 April 1998
Crew: D.O.G
Agency: Ackermann
Survival: SMTM 5,777, 8, 9
HSR 1.
Instagram: @unofficialboyy
Spotify: Apple Music

98 liner Lee Surin is already a veteran in the industry, starting his career on 2015 as the winner of SRS Freestyle rap battle as Baddie Homie. He change his stage name to Luda and become the leader of one of the most prominent young hip-hop crew Dickids where Yang Hongwon, Bryn, Raphael, Bumby, Bully da Bastard, Agunu, and many more were part of.

Now use the stage name Unofficialboyy, he’s starting a new crew D.O.G (Drug Online Gate) where Yang Hongwon, Gamma, Ranchia, M3CHVNIC, and Haifhaif were part of. Unofficialboyy is also have been active, recently release Ackermann album which inspired by an manga/anime character with the same name.

GRAY Mino team member | Anandelight

Name : Hong Yoontae
Age: 23 years old
Agency: Hadash Music
Instagram: @_anandeli9ht_hadash
Spotify ; apple Music

Anandelight name come from two words. Anande which means Joy in Nepal language & Delight which also could means Joy in English. Anandelight want his music to be a source of joy for other people. A unique rapper, Anandelight is a very religious person and write religious lyrics that talk about family, enlightenment, and revelation. Anandelight is also part of Hadash Music who also did CCM (Contemporary Christian music) as their main genre.

GRAY MINO Team Member | BE’O

Name: Yoo Chanwook
Date of Birth 27th April 2000
Agency: FameUs Records
Survival: HSR 1
Instagram: @auxi_beo
Spotify: Apple Music

Using his real name, Yoo Chanwook participate on School Rapper 3 as students of SOPA and were eliminated early in the program. BE’O is a part of FameUs Records. An agency/music label founded by San E and have been active release music since 2020. His performance on SMTM 10 become an overnight sensation and Counting Star have been a viral song that everyone listen and sing along.

GRAY MINO Team Member | Geegooin

Name: Lee Sang-woon
Birthdate: November 10, 1986
Group: Rhythm Power
Debut: 2010
Survival: SMTM 4 & 6 ; MBC Kill Bill
SpotifyApple Music

Geegooin is part of Rhythm Power that he already been together with since high school. Known the most for his unique voice and adlib, Geegooin have been participating in survival show most notably on SMTM 4 where he join team AOMG.

Now in his own label alongside Rhythm Power member (TEAMPLAY Music), Geegooin have been focusing heavily creating his own music. He also already his own music with his own color that were different than Rhythm Power music.

GRAY MINO Team member | Mudd The Student

Name: Yoon Seungmin
Date of Birth: 23 January 2000
Crew; Balming Tiger
Debut: 2018
Instagram; @Muddthestudent
Spotify: Apple Music

Mudd The Student start his music journey by participating in VANS Musician Wanted. Even though he doesn’t win the competition, Mudd The Student were called by one of the judge Balming Tiger and invited into their team. Since then Mudd The student have been releasing his own music where not only he write lyrics for the song but also produced, compose, and arrange his own music.

Mudd The Student were also invited by Dingo Freestyle for their rising verse alongside Sokodomo and Zior Park. Spearhead the new not-so-hip hop generation of South Korea Hip hop artist.

Which member of team GRAYNOMA is your favorite? Who do you think will go furthest on SMTM 10? GRAY Mino team member ready to shock everyone next episode!

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