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Giriboy SMTM 9 Producer | Hattrick!

Producer Giriboy SMTM 9 journey is one to behold. Hong Si-young is a South Korean rapper under Just Music label. He is also the Co-CEO of Wedaplugg Records with the CEO Swings in 2018. Giriboy made his first appearance in Show Me the Money as the contestant in season 3. Even though he didn’t win, he keeps coming back again in the program as the producer. And not only in Show Me the Money, he also became the mentor for the survival show for young rappers, High School Rapper season 3.

In Show Me the Money, he has become the producer for three times. The first appearance he made was in season 7 when he helped Nafla to win the season. The second time, he brought Punchnello to victory in season 8. Can Giriboy made a hattrick?

Giriboy SMTM 9

Paired with Zion.T, both of them didn’t talk much. So, the rest of the producer team were curious about their chemistry to mentor the contestants.

Before the show started, they promoted SMTM9 by answering questions about their team’s plan for the season. Giriboy said that his expectation in coming to SMTM9 is like going on a field trip, he can meet a lot of rappers and get motivated. Even though coming for SMTM is hard, he believes it can improve himself.

GIriboy SMTM 9 Producer Cypher

Besides answering questions, all SMTM9 Producers also did a cypher together. All the four producers gathered to show their ability. Giriboy and Zion.T came third where Zion.T sing and Giriboy rap in a melodic beat that successfully impressed the listeners.

The Show Started, Giriboy SMTM 9 Starts!

As we knew, the first round in SMTM9 is always the First Preliminary Round where all the contestants rapped their acapella verse in front of one producer one by one. Many contestants admit that they want to be judged by Giriboy since he seems fun and does not make them nervous.

Giriboy SMTM 9 Producer Stage

Finally, it is the Producer Stage that we have been waiting for. In this season, each team only sang one song and there was no audience watching the performance since it was in the middle of social distancing caused by the pandemic.

For opening the performance, Giriboy sang the song titled GIRIBOY alone and later Zion.T joined him to complete the song. Watch the full performance here, it’s all worth watching!

Giriboy Tearing up hearing Swings stories

In the 60 seconds rap mission, Giriboy bursted into tears when he watched Swings performance. It was because Swings has helped him a lot when he wasn’t popular and how Swings believed in him. But unfortunately, Giriboy can’t pass him in this round since they’re from the same label.

Giriboy SMTM 9 team Mission

The 10 rappers that were picked by the producers all gathered to do cypher to become the official members of the team. The mission was group cypher and three members team mission. After these two missions, the next round was the mission where they will release an official song for the four rappers that advance to the next round.

The final four rappers that became the official members of the Zagi team are Lil Boi, Wonstein, Chillin Homie and Skyminhyuk. They made the song Freak that was composed by Giriboy and arranged by Zion.T. The song also got help from Slom who composed and arranged

Giriboy SMTM 9 Official Stage

For the Official Stage, Giriboy helped them to make songs. He wrote a song for Skyminhyuk with the title Flashing. He also composed and wrote songs for Lil Boi performance with Tomorrow. He performed with Lil Boi and Big Naughty for this song.

Giriboy SMTM 9 Semi Final

Since Lil Boi and Wonstein advanced to the Semi Final round, Giriboy and Zion.T helped them to create songs for their Semi Final Round performances. Lil Boi performed the song Bad Cypher Vol. 2 where Giriboy helped to write the song. Lil Boi passed the Semi Final Round and continued to the Final Round.

Giriboy SMTM 9 Final Round

Lil Boi was the only member from the Zagi team that advanced to the Final Round. He performed two songs for the two rounds of the final. The first song was On Air where he performed with Gray, Loco, and Jay Park. The second song was Credit where he performed with Giriboy, Zion.T, and Yumdda on stage. Giriboy wrote the lyrics and sang the chorus for Credit. This song became the last performance Giriboy did in SMTM9.

Winning Producer

In SMTM9 with Lil Boi, Giriboy received his third victory as the winning producer. The skills from the contestants combined with Giriboy excellence in mentoring brings victory for them. Becoming the winning producer for three times in a row seems like Giriboy brings luck for his team. All the songs that he helped to make are great and matched with the contestants’ style and ability.

After Show Me the Money 9

After SMTM9, Giriboy continued working on his music. In 2021, he released three singles, and soundtrack for drama and webtoon. He also plan to release a new single album soon!

After his three times winning, he may not become the producer again. In season 10, Zion.T became the producer but not with Giriboy, he is paired with Slom. So, for those of you who like Giriboy as the producer for SMTM, maybe we won’t see him again in the producer line. But it is very possible to see him as a featured artist, let’s wait for it.

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