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Geegooin Profile | Distinctive Voice full of Rhythm and Power

Geegooin Profile

Name: Lee Sang-woon
Birthdate: November 10, 1986
Group: Rhythm Power
Debut: 2010
Instagram: @geegooin
Spotify: Apple Music

Unique tone and exquisite rap, that’s the word that perfectly suits Geegooin, one out of three members who completes Rhythm Power. With his distinctive voice, we can easily differentiate his part whenever and wherever he sings, making him one of the rappers who are easily recognizable. Along with his unique tone, he also managed to have a clear pronunciation on his lyrics. With all these abilities, he and his team Rhythm Power managed to maintain their position in the industry for a long time.

Geegooin Profile | Pre-Debut days

Geegooin Profile pics
Source: Geegooin Instagram Account

Back in the days, Geegooin along with his friends, Hangzoo and Boi B who’ve been together since their school days, formed a hip hop group named Bang Sa Neung or Radioactive, and later they changed their name to Rhythm Power.

Geegooin Profile | Debut

In August 2010, Geegooin, who were part of Bang Sa Neung, released their first EP Rhythm Power, and also made his debut as a rapper and as a member of Bang Sa Neung. The album consists of 12 tracks and was produced by a lot of talented producers. The title of the EP, Rhythm Power, somehow turns out to be the group name after they join an agency.

Geegooin Profile | Join Amoeba Culture and birth of RHythm Power

After debuting independently in the previous year, in 2011 Geegooin with his team, Bang Sa Neung, participated in a public audition held by Amoeba Culture. Among many other musicians, Bang Sa Neung was chosen, and later joined the label following the footsteps of Dynamic Duo who was also the founder of the label, Supreme Team, Primary and others. After joining the label, the team name also changed from Bang Sa Neung to Rhythm Power, which is originally the title of their debut album.

After signing a contract with one of the most established labels in the industry, Geegooin and Rhythm Power made their mark under the label for the first time, one year after they joined the label. Geegooin and Rhythm Power released a single titled after their team name, Rhythm Power, and later released an EP consisting of 8 tracks titled Every Single One is Handsome, Rhythm Power

Rhythm Power Bangsaneung

Geegooin Profile | Show Me the Money 4

Geegooin SMTM 4
Source: Geegooin Instagram Account

In 2015, Geegooin and Hangzoo participated in the fourth season of Show Me the Money. In the competition, fate was pretty much the opposite between Geegooin and Hangzoo. Geegooin made it all the way to the top 10, meanwhile Hangzoo failed to pass the first acapella rap round, where both of them were standing side by side and being judged by the same producer, Tablo from Team YG.

, Geegooin went far in the competition, joined Team AOMG led by Jay Park and Loco, together with fellow rapper Lil Boi, Sik-K and DayDay. Throughout the competition, Geegooin and his fellow producer and team mate from Team AOMG formed a close bond with each other, as they perform harmoniously in the official song mission, but unfortunately DayDay has to be eliminated, leaving Geegooin, Lil Boi and Sik-K in Team AOMG.

After the official song mission, Geegooin and Team AOMG finally one step closer to the Live Performances round. But before that, they must go through the Team Diss Battle round, where they face Team YG. Despite performing an aggressive rap with witty lyrics, they failed to win the round as Team YG’s performance was superior as well. Due to their losses, one member had to go and Sik-K was chosen, leaving Geegooin and Lil Boi of Geeks as the two Team AOMG members remaining from the original 4.

Next round were the mic selection round in order to choose between two rappers to perform in the live performance. Team AOMG had to choose between Geegooin and Lil Boi to perform. But despite having a good run throughout the show, Geegooin was eliminated,

Geegooin Profile | Debut as a Solo Artist

After his appearance on Show Me the Money 4, Geegooin made his solo debut in 2016, through a single titled Cinemakid E01 that consists of 4 tracks.

Geegooin Profile | Teamplay Music

Geegooin and Rhythm Power contract with Amoeba Culture were expiring last year. They decide to make their own company instead of joining other label. The 3 of them decide to pursue the music that they want and they have been having so much fun in their new label.

Geegooin Profile | Show Me the Money 6

In 2017, Geegooin also appeared on the sixth season of Show Me the Money along with Boi B, and later Hangzoo who applied the very next day. But unfortunately, Geegooin messed up his lyrics in front of one of the producers who were in charge, Tiger JK from Team FeelGHood. His other team mate, Boi B made it through on to the 1-on-1 Rap Battle round but lost against Black Nine, meanwhile Hangzoo turned out as the winner after having a very tight match against Nucksal in the final.


Geegooin Profile | Return on Show Me the Money

Geegooin once again made his appearance on the tenth season of Show Me the Money in 2021. Reflected on his previous runs on the show, can Geegooin make it all the way to the final this year? Can he surprise us with an uplifting and unique performance? We’ll be looking forward to the rapper with a distinctive tone from Rhythm Power, Geegooin on Show me The Money stages!

Geegooin profile will keep being updated in the future.

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