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Gaho Ride | Now a Rockstar

Gaho of Planetarium Records is already familiar with rock band sounds with his OST such as Running (Startup drama OST) and Start Over (Itaewon Class drama OST). Now Gaho release a single with a rock/metal genre titled Ride. Embrace new music style that evolving from R&B, ballad and pop sounds.

Gaho Ride Music Video

This is pre-release single of Gaho upcoming album that plan to be release soon. Gaho still use a lots of R&B element for the song but were arranged with hard rock sound. Gaho voice with falsetto suit any type of song but especially in the song Ride where Gaho sounds like he’s a band vocalist (which he actually is!) There’s also a band version of the song that showcase Gaho strong vocal in full effect.

Gaho Ride Band Version

Gaho Ride Credits

Gaho Ride Cover

Composed by Gaho / Baek Mu-hyun / MAVI / Jisang
Lyrics by Gaho / Baek Mu-hyun / Leo / MAVI
Arranged by Gaho / Baek Mu-hyun / Jisang / Ownr / MAVI / String
Programming by Ownr / MAVI / Jisang
Vocal Directed by MooVin
Background Vocal by Gaho / Jisang / Ownr / MAVI / String (String)
Piano by String (String) / Ownr
E.Piano by Ownr
Synth by Ownr
A.Guitar by MAVI
E.Guitar by Jisang / MAVI
Bass by Jisang / MAVI / Ownr
Drum by Ownr / MAVI

Recorded by Gaho / Gapsu Kim (at Long Play Music Studio)
Mixed by Gapsu Kim (at Long Play Music Studio)
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon (at 821 Sound Mastering)

Gaho Profile

Gaho is part of music Agency Planetarium Records (PLT), Gaho become known to the public by participating in Itaewon Class OST where he won two awards: Best OST at MAMA 2020 and Best OST at 4th Soribada Music Award .Gaho is also a part of a band! KAVE is a band with Ownr, MAVI ,String, and Kim Jisang where they participate in creating the song Ride and been active as a band alongside Gaho.

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