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Gaho Fireworks Album | All The Sparks That Illuminate our Youth

Gaho of Planetarium Records release the anticipated Gaho Fireworks album after tease us with several single prior. This album is an answer of Gaho from pondering question that many people have been asking him. How do you feel after the success of Itaewon Class OST Start over? How does Gaho think about himself nowadays? What does Gaho have in plan going forward?

Gaho Right Now Music Video

This album contain Gaho honest thoughts about the world and himself. He describe the stories of his 20s just like a fireworks explosion in the sky, There are 12 “Fireworks” songs that give you a glimpse of the thoughts of Gaho. The songs is about the thought of living, answering your own question, be at peace with yourselves and have a comfort.

“Firecrackers fly above the sky and explode splendidly in high places, but the time is very short.”

Gaho Fireworks Album Description

Gaho Fireworks Tracklist

Gaho Fireworks Cover
  • OOO
  • Lost My Way
  • Right Now
  • Anyway
  • Rush Hour
  • Afraid
  • Part Time Lover
  • Ride
  • High
  • Crush
  • Friend
  • Like the Moon

Gaho Fireworks Physical Album release & event

GAHO Fireworks Event

Gaho Profile

Gaho is part of music Agency Planetarium Records (PLT), Debut in 2018 and become one of the hottest rookie alongside his Planetarium Records artist with PLANETARIUM CASE#1. Since then Gaho have been exploring multiple genre including rock with fellow band member KAVE .

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