Gaeko Profile

Gaeko Profile | Combination of Experiences and Unbelievable Stage Presence

Gaeko Profile

Name: Kim Yoon-sung
Birthdate: January 14, 1981
Agency: Amoeba Culture
Debut: 2000
Instagram: @gaekogeem

Having great voices, both as a rapper and singer was a great advantage in someone’s musical career, and that’s what being served by Gaeko, a half of Dynamic Duo to his fans this whole time. With his versatility, he managed to maintain his position in the South Korean music industry for the past 20 years since his debut, proving himself as one of the South Korean veterans and the most respected rappers, alongside his other half, Choiza, as a Dynamic Duo.

Gaeko Profile | Pre-Debut

Gaekogeem instagram

Kim Yoon-sung, widely known as Gaeko is a South Korean rapper, part of hip hop duo Dynamic Duo, who are currently signed under his own label, Amoeba Culture. Gaeko was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 14 January 1981. In his early days in 1999, he used to be part of a hip hop group called K.O.D, consisting of him and some of his school friends, having names like Sixpoint, Jazon, and also Choiza, his future partner in Dynamic Duo. Around that time, instead of Gaeko, he is known as N.O.D.

Gaeko Probile| The Formation of Hip Hop Trio, CB Mass

After his K.O.D days were over, Gaeko made his debut as a member of hip hop group CB Mass, a group consisting of Gaeko, Choiza and Kerbin. CB Mass were actually an established group before Gaeko and Choiza joined. Gaeko and Choiza were added to the group, filling the empty space of an original four-member CB Mass, where three of them parted ways and left the group.

The new formation of three-member CB Mass made their debut by releasing an album titled Massmediah on 6 September 2000. The album is stacked with a lot of well known musicians who appeared as featuring artists such as Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, Yankie, Juvie Train, etc. One of the songs in the album, titled Really (For the Club) was nominated for Best Hip-hop Performance in 2001 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

CB Mass continued to perform as a group, releasing two full length albums titled Massmatics later in 2001 and Massapeal in 2003. In the same year as the release of Massapeal in 2003, CB Mass announced their disbandment due to personal issues.

Gaeko Profile | Birth of Dynamic DUo

Following the disbandment of CB Mass, Gaeko, together with Choiza, continued as a duo called Dynamic Duo. As Dynamic Duo, they released their debut album in 2004, titled Taxi Driver. The album received a great response from their fans, resulting in over 50,000 copies of album sales just after one month of the initial release. The album consists of 18 tracks with some of the tracks being featured by notable names such as Double K, Verbal Jint, Sean2Slow, Tablo of Epik High, Brown Eyed Soul, etc.

Gaeko Profile | Establish Amoeba Culture

2 years after his first album release as Dynamic Duo, in 2006, Gaeko and Choiza, along with Go Kyung-min established a record label, Amoeba Culture, where Go Kyung-min himself served as the CEO of the company. Some notable artists who used to be part of Amoeba Culture such as Primary, Crush, Supreme Team, Zion.T and Rhythm Power complete the Amoeba Culture formation, resulting in the company being stacked with both skillful rappers and remarkable vocalists.

Gaeko Profile | Infamous Control Diss

In 2013, a big incident took place in the South Korean hip hop scene, where Gaeko was involved in it. It all started with the release of Control, a song by Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. In the lyrics, Kendrick Lamar mentioned several rappers and started the American Control Diss. Not long after the original release, Swings initiated the start of the Korean version of Control diss using the same beat on 21 August 2013, by releasing King Swings, which garnered various responses from South Korean rappers. 

The one who made Gaeko involved in this sequence of disses was E-Sens, who released a track You Can’t Control Me on 22 August 2013, targeting him and his ex label Amoeba Culture. The diss mainly talked about the treatment he received while he’s in Amoeba Culture. In response to E-Sens diss towards Gaeko and Amoeba Culture, Gaeko released I Can Control You on 24 August 2013.

Gaeko Profile | Debut as Solo Artist

Following his success as a part of Dynamic Duo, Gaeko profile continue when he’s start his journey as a solo artist, 1 year after the Control diss phenomenon. In 2014, he released his debut album REDINGRAY, which consists of 17 tracks. Numbers of artists also made an appearance in his album as featuring artists, notable names such as Zion T, Crush, HA:TFELT, AILEE, BUMKEY, Dok2 and others completed the album. The title track of the album, No Make Up, where he collaborated with Zion T and HA:TFELT serves quality music that never gets tired of listening to.

Gaeko Profile | SMTM 6 Producer with Choiza

Gaeko Profile isn’t complete without talking about his time as SMTM producer. In 2017, Gaeko made an appearance as a producer in a South Korean rap survival show, Show Me The Money season 6, alongside Choiza as Team Dynamic Duo. In the round four of the competition, Team Dynamic Duo were formed when five rappers, Nucksal, Joo Woochan, Hanhae, Ryno and myunDo made their decision to join Team Dynamic Duo. 

Team Dynamic Duo member Nucksal successfully reached the final stage of the competition but unfortunately, he lost against Hangzoo from Team FANXYCHILD with producer Zico and Dean in the final stage. Hangzoo was part of Rhythm Power, a hip hop group who signed under Amoeba Culture back then. It’s actually cool to see Gaeko and Choiza labelmate compete against them in the final round.

Gaeko Profile | SMTM 9 Producer with Bewhy & Choiza

In 2020, Gaeko and Choiza once again made their appearance as a producer on Show Me The Money. But not just them, Bewhy also part of their team, forming Dynamic Duo x Bewhy Team. But unfortunately, that year their team didn’t make it to the final, making them the first producer team who were eliminated from the show.

Gaeko Profile | Happy Family

Gaeko Profile

Gaeko is married to model Kim Sumi on August 2011, they also have a son and daughter that were born in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Both Gaeko and Kim Sumi were really active in their respective field, they both support each other by actively participate in each other activities. The two of them actually met when Kim Sumi was working part time in South Korea, both of them actually married when Gaeko still serve his mandatory military service and have a wedding aceremony after Gaeko discharged.

Gaeko Profile | Recent activity as SMTM 10 Producer

This year, Gaeko made his return on the tenth season of Show Me The Money. Unlike before, rather than teaming up with his other half in Dynamic Duo, he came alone as Gaeko and teamed up with AOMG renowned producer, Code Kunst who also made his return after participating as producer as well in the previous season. Collaboration from them is one of the most anticipated collab of the season. 

How will things turn out to be from Team Gaeko & Code Kunst? Who will be part of their team? Will they be the winning producer this year? After both of them unfortunately failed to win last season? We’ll be looking forward to Gaeko and Code Kunst teamwork and surprise this season!

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Gaeko profile will keep being updated in the future.

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