Gaeko Coogie Study Group Webtoon OST

Study Group Webtoon OST | Gaeko x Coogie FAST

Gaeko and Coogie collaborate for Study Group Webtoon OST. The popular serialized Naver webtoon Study Group is a webtoon that share a story of Yoon Gamin, a regular student who just want to study yet enrolled to a school full of troublesome kids. Working out as a way to clear his mind when he stuck at studying, Yoon Gamin get involved with one fight after another.

Gaeko x Coogie Fast for Study Group Webtoon OST

Fast is a song that contains the message of living without regret by doing what you want to do rather than worrying when time just passing by. Made by producer duo Basecamp, Fast is a refreshing trendy beat that can blow away the summer heat. Add the Gaeko and Coogie melodic rapping and it’s a perfect song for the summer.

Gaeko x Coogie Fast Lyrics

Gaeko Coogie Fast for Study Group Webtoon OST Credits

Gaeko Coogie FAST STudy group webtoon cover

Lyrics by Gaeko, Coogie
Composed by Gaeko, Coogie, basecamp
Arranged by basecamp

Piano by Jonny
Guitar by Ukjin
Bass by Ukjin
Drum by Jonny

Mixed by Stay Tuned @ Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

Gaeko Profile

One of the most well respected rapper in the Industry. Gaeko involvement in South Korea hip hop music can be trace from 2 decade ago in the early 2000’s as a member of CB Mass. Now a part of Dynamic Duo and Co-CEO of Amoeba Culture, Gaeko also participate this year as SMTM 10 producer.

Coogie Profile

I’m Movin and Movin! Coogie start his activities as SoundCloud rapper in 2017 and rise to popularity after appearing on SMTM 777. Part of Bill Stax ATM Seoul, Coogie just release his mixtape I Got a Feeling and have a plan for future activities.

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