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Flowsik Guk feat Jay Park | Two Jay Collaboration!

Jay Pak & Jay Park collaboration! Flowsik release a new single Guk that feature Jay Park. An Independent artist, Flowsik have been active in South Korea since his appearance on SMTM 5 and been growing in popularity not only internationally but also domestically in South Korea. Let’s take a listen Guk, the story of success & growth of Korean that live in U.S.

Flowsik Guk Audio

Flowsik grow up as 2nd generation Korean American and have been experiencing both countries culture. The song represent Flowsik journey with an exciting upbeat song that combine harmony of South Korea Hip Hop with native America Hip hop for everyone to enjoy.

“I was told from long ago that I’ll do way more than just laundromats and corner stores…”

Flowsik Guk Credits

Flowsik Guk Cover

Video edited by: @vinnydoods
Beat Produced by: Devine Channel
Lyrics by: Flowsik

Flowsik Profile

Not only known for his appearance on SMTM 5, Flowsik already known when he’s part of Aziatix that won best new Asian Artist Awards in 2011. Now active in South Korea, Flowsik has release 30 songs over the years, you can follow him on instagram @jayflowsik for more update about Flowsik activities.

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