Feel The Rhythm Korea

AOMG x H1GHR MUSIC x AREA For Feel The Rhythm Korea Season 2

Top-notch hip-hop labels in South Korea, AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and AREA, joined a tourism promotion project “Feel The Rhythm Korea”. This project involved 3 producers and 8 K-hip hop hottest singer and rappers to promote a total of 10 cities in Korea. The videos were published on Imagine Your Korea YouTube channel on September 3, 2021 and all the songs from the project will be released to Spotify, a global music streaming platform, in mid-September.

The First Campaign Video Of “Feel The Rhythm Korea” That Was Blown Up Globally

“Feel The Rhythm Korea” is a tourism promotion project managed by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). This project intentionally advertises South Korea tourist attractions through amusing videos. The first season of the project was a huge hit, an alternative pop band LEENALCHI and Ambiguous Dance Company partnered for the tourism campaign project. “Feel The Rhythm Korea” previously worked with the cast of “2 Days 1 Night”, a TV program that also promotes South Korea tourism.

Sequel On The First Season Of “Feel The Rhythm Korea”, LEENALCHI And Ambiguous Dance Company Banded Together With The Cast Of “2 Days 1 Night”

Season 2 of “Feel The Rhythm Of Korea” resolved to promote tourism through K-hiphop. The campaign videos were combining folk music with the hottest music genre, K-hiphop. This time “Feel The Rhythm Of Korea” collaborated with 3 of the exemplary K-hiphop labels AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and AREA. The artists included to the projects are BIG Naughty, Woodie Gochild, TRADE L, Jay B, WOO, sogumm, GEMINI, along with 3 producers in which are GroovyRoom, Gray, and Glowingdog.

“Feel The Rhythm Korea” season 2 shows in total 10 cities including Gyeongju-Andong, Daegu, Suncheon, Seosan, Busan-Tongyeong, Yangyang-Gangneung, and Seoul, for 8 campaign videos. In this project, the traditional and modern aspects melded to amusingly present landmarks of various regions in South Korea to people around the world by adding K-hiphop as one of the components.

City Love – pH-1 (Prod. GroovyRoom)

The Seoul episodes were presented by pH-1 (part 1) of H1GHR MUSIC and GEMINI (part 2) of AREA. pH-1 performing the song City Love produced by genius duo producer GroovyRoom. The track was mixed with a Korean pansori song titled Sarang Ga themed of modern and traditional Seoul city.

Pass – GEMINI (Prod. GroovyRoom)

GEMINI was chosen for the song entitled Pass which was also produced by GroovyRoom. The track was mixed with Korean folk song Arirang with the vibe of Seoul’s old school hip-hop scene.

Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane – BIG Naughty (Prod. GroovyRoom)

Feel The Rhythm Korea for Daegu promotion video shows various alley cultures, starring promising young rapper BIG Naughty with the song Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane (Prod. GroovyRoom). Combining the authentic folk melody with strong boombap hip-hop flow, Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane came out as a catchy banger.

MUDMAX – Woodie Gochild (Prod. GroovyRoom)

Feel the Rhythm Korea Seosan edition shows the lifestyles of the residents in tidal flats that is really popular in Korea. For this city, Woodie Gochild presented a solid song titled MUDMAX produced by his H1GHR MUSIC labelmate, GroovyRoom. The track was mixed with an agricultural song among farmers in Seosan, Ong Heya.

View – TRADE L (Prod. GroovyRoom)

The youngest artist from H1GHR MUSIC, TRADE L, participated in the Suncheon edition which shows the traditional way of life in Korea’s nature with the song View. Again, the track was produced by the duo GroovyRoom mixed with a South Korean folk song entitled Sae Taryeong.

I’m Surfin’ – Jay B (Prod. GroovyRoom)

In Yangyang and Gangneung, they came up with the theme of surfing and camping at the beach, which has recently emerged as a trend in those cities. For this region Jay B performed the song I’m Surfin’ (Prod. GroovyRoom). The video manifested a lot of beaches with the addicting beat mixed from Korean folk song Niliria.

Ganggangsullae – WOO (Prod. Gray)

For the Gyeongju and Andong episode represented by rapper WOO through a song titled Ganggangsullae (Prod. Gray) mixed with the folk song that also has the same title. The video is really graceful, starring WOO and the traditional dancers in a colorful Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok.

Baennorae – sogumm

The last version is performed by the prepossessing singer sogumm in Busan and Tongyeong. The song entitled Baennorae in which was produced by Glowingdog. The video turned out really well showing the beauty of Busan and Tongyeong. Baennorae by sogumm is a very beautiful and soothing song.

The campaign project of “Feel The Rhythm Korea” is expected to be a contribution to the revitalization of the local tourism industry in South Korea from the Corona outbreak impacts by strengthening local branding through producing creative content that combined the tradition and modernity of the nation itself.


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