Epik High Home is Far Away

Epik High Home is Far Away feat Oh Hyuk of Hyukoh

Epik High Home is Far Away is the title song for their album WE’VE DONE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL back in 2017. This song featured OHHYUK who completed it with his charming voice, making this song sounds angelic.

Epik High Home is Far away feat Oh Hyuk of Hyukoh Music VIdeo

The music video of Epik High Home is Far Away explains the song perfectly. It tells about people who are always going on a journey, wanting to go home but they don’t know where to go. Expresses people’s problem nowadays, always living their life but don’t know the reason.

The song gained much appreciation from fans. On the YouTube comment section, so many listeners shared their story and feelings towards the song. Most of them feel the song is soothing and they can relate to it.

The lyrics of Epik high Home is Far away are beautiful like a poem. Reminding us about our life that is always running, even if we can’t fit in it. It captures the sadness and our loneliness living in this world,

Epik High Home is Far Away lyrics are relatable

Epik High Home is Far Away

Dreams have become baggage. My only option is to leave them and keep running.

Epik High pointed out ‘dreams’ as something that we can not always have. When dreams have become a burden and forced us to leave it, until we live without having a desire for our life.

Many people shared their experience in life that is similar to the background story of the song. Most of them tell the story about their dreams that can not happen, unhappy life, failure, family, and many more stories they can remember after hearing the song.

Epik High Home is Far Away Credits

Epik High Home is Far away

Lyrics by Tablo, Mithra Jin
Composed by Tablo
Arranged by Tablo, DJ Tukutz
All Programming by Tablo, DJ Tukutz
String Arranged by Ryu Young Min
String by Yung String
Piano by Tablo, Shaun
Bass by Kim Ki Uk
Acoustic Guitar by Mr. Sync
Electric Guitar by Shaun

Epik high profile

Epik high is a hip hop trio consisting of Tablo, Mithra, and DJ Tukutz. The group was in the underground hip hop scene in Korea. They released their first album Map of The Human Soul in 2003, and they gained more popularity after releasing High Society in 2004.

In July 2012, they signed with YG Entertainment and continued their journey with bigger listeners. They collaborated with many artists and did a lot of work.

On October 2018, Epik High officially part ways with YG Entertainment and they signed with William Morris Endeavor. Their latest album is Epik High is Here that they released in January 2021, featuring artists including CL, Zico, B.I, and Heize.

Epik High made their journey inside and outside Korea. They became the first Korean Artist to perform at Coachella.

OHHYUK Profile

Oh Hyuk is a South Korean singer, he is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the indie band HYUKOH. Oh Hyuk created HYUKOH as a one-man band but in 2014, he formed the band under the same name with bassist Im Dong-geon as bassist, Lim Hyun-jae as guitarist, Lee In-woo and as drummer.

HYUKOH has released one album in 2017 named 23. They also released a lot of singles and EPs. One of the popular songs by HYUKOH is Wi Ing Wi Ing that they released in 2014. HYUKOH also has some full English songs like LOVE YA and Graduation.

OHHYUK also works as a solo artist. He made the single with Primary Lucky You! in 2015. He made the original soundtrack for the drama Reply 1988 A Little Girl.

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