Dvwn Yumi Cells OST

Dvwn I’m In Paris | Yumi Cells OST Part 9

I feel like I’m in Paris or anywhere, as if this dream just happened.

Dvwn sang a song for the Korean drama Yumi Cells OST Part 9 titled I’m In Paris. The song was released on the 10th episode airing date, Saturday, October 16th 2021.

Dvwn I’m in Paris for Yumi Cells OST

Yumi’s Cells is a drama about a woman named Yu-Mi, who is not good at expressing her feelings. Yu-Mi has cells in her brain to feel love, violence, rationality, good, and bad. These cells in her brain work with her emotions and troubles. The drama ended in 14 episodes that started from September 17th 2021. Starring Kim Goeun and Ahn Bohyun as the main characters.

I’m In Paris is a fun RnB song that gives happy feelings to the listeners. Matched with Dvwn voices, the song concept portraits perfectly for Yumi Cells OST. Yumi’s Cells romantic plot can be felt in the song.

Dvwn I’m In Paris Credit

Dvwn im in paris Yumi Cells OST Cover

Lyrics by Kako
Composed by Kako, Curtis F
Arranged by Curtis F, Nathan, Daily
Guitar 김호현
Chorus Dvwn
Keyboard Nathan, Daily, Pop Time
Recorded by 민성수 @ doobdoob Studio
Mixed by 고현정 @ KoKo Sound
Mastered by 도정회, 박준 @ SoundMAX

Dvwn Profile

Jung Da-woon or betterly known as Dvwn is a South Korean singer and songwriter who debuted in 2018. He is now signed with Zico label, KOZ Entertainment. He used to release songs on Soundcloud. Besides his own music, Dvwn is also known for his OST in Korean drama such as in “Yumi’s Cell” and “Uncanny Counter”. In October 2021, he featured in DAY6 YoungK solo album in the song Microphone. In 2021, he released an album titled It’s Not Your Fault with eight songs included.

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