DPR LIVE jam and butterfly

DPR LIVE JAM and Butterfly featuring eaJ & Crush

DPR LIVE JAM and Butterfly is a great song. Especially with the feature of EaJ & Crush. But how come this song come to fruition? Here’s the story behind one of the best collaboration that we got in 2020.

Behind Story of DPR LIVE Jam and Butterfly

In September 2020, Park Jae-hyung aka eaJ did a live streaming on his Instagram account @eajpark. His fans asked him his thoughts if he did a collaboration with DPR LIVE. Previously, Jae has collaborated with other artists like Rich Brian of 88rising, Keshi for his solo projects. So, the fans asked him to collaborate with DPR LIVE.

Jae answered it optimistically. “Please, please make it happen. If he needs a verse or a hook on anything, PUH-LEAAASE, I got you man. 100% big fan over here.”

JAE said he is a fan of DPR LIVE, he also played some DPR LIVE’s songs on his streaming session on Twitch. Jae enjoyed listening to hip hop, he also watched Show Me the Money and sometimes watched it together with fans in his Twitch. After the Instagram live, one of MyDay @jjaehyungie on Twitter posted a recording of Jae’s Instagram live and tagged DPR LIVE.

On the next day DPR REM saw the tweet and he mentioned Jae to contact him. So, they contacted each other and that was how they created this collaboration. After that, Jae has been asked by his fans if the collaboration will happen or not. But Jae said he was working on it.

So to sum up, this collaboration happened because of social media. If no one asked Jae to collaborate with DPR LIVE, maybe we would never see them in a song. After the not-so-long waiting, the song was finally released on 27th November 2020. What made it exciting was they also have Crush in the collaboration! All DAY6’s fans, DPR LIVE fans, and Crush’s fans are excited about this.

DPR LIVE Jam and Butterfly feat eaJ and Crush

The song described a sweet love that gives butterfly feeling. With Crush and eaJ voices, the song became super sweet. It is perfect to listen as an afternoon jam or a morning coffee.

DPR LIVE Jam and Butterfly Credits.

DPR LIVE Jam and Butterfly

Lyricist: DPR LIVE, eaJ & Crush
Composer: DPR LIVE, eaJ, Crush, and DPR CREAM
Arranger: DPR CREAM

Until now, Jae and DPR crew Friendship.

DPR LIVE Jam and butterfly

eaJ Profile

eaJ is a name for Jae Park’s solo activities. He participated in Kpop Star season 1 and debuted in a band called DAY6 back in 2015. Since 2020, he started his solo projects and released songs in his Soundcloud account and YouTube.

He is friends with 88rising artists such as Rich Brian, Niki, Keshi and collaborated with them. eaJ appeared in 88rising’s previous concerts and he will perform as a soloist in Heads in The Clouds LA on November 7th 2021. Both Jae and DPR LIVE will be attending Heads in The Clouds in Los Angeles. Will they sing DPR LIVE Jam and Butterfly? Let’s find out!

DPR LIVE Profile

DPR LIVE is a part of DPR Crew that have been constantly making great music. Hit track such as Jasmine, Eung freestyle, Text Me, and Martini Blue is jsut few of their hit tracks. DPR LIVE & DPR Crew achieve such a heights without going ‘Mainstream’ such as appearing on television especially on survival program such as Show Me The Money or High School Rapper.

Listen to DPR LIVE JAM and Butterfly with eaJ and Crush on Spotify and Apple Music.


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