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Nowadays, social media has been a part of our life. It became the most part of our interaction with others. Social media can connect to people around the world and bring benefits, but it could also bring negative effects. Thinking of other people having better lives through social media can cause us to compare our life with them. This also happens to celebrities like Dean, so he made a song entitled instagram.

Dean Instagram Music Video

Dean instagram is released as a single in 2017, Dean captures his story about social media. The song tells about how people sometimes fake a perfect life on social media that could make others feel miserable. Dean instagram portrays how we become lonely because we feel everyone else is living a better life than ours.

Dean made a music video for this single posted on his YouTube channel on January 29th 2018. The music video stars himself in a large garage singing the song. He contemplated the lyrics and his feelings for instagram. With black and white colors, the music video is very simple but aesthetic.

In the middle of Dean Instagram music video, there was a short poem, the poem was :

Sometimes I feel alone, even when I’m with a lot of people. I feel, I feel like I’m Robinson Crusoe. Yeah, that’s what I feel.

The poem talks about loneliness. He used Robinson Crusoe as his reference. Robinson Crusoe is a famous story about survival in an uninhabited island. This also can be interpreted as loneliness, how living in an isolated place feels like.

Dean Instagram Interview

In an interview, Dean told the story behind this song. He said when working as a composer, he used to write songs that would sell, do well on charts, and make people want to listen. But one day, he realized that he can’t keep doing that, so he started to write his own story. He recalled his own experience that filled him with a lot of thoughts and ideas.

Dean said that he wanted to compose an album that truly represents him. While composing instagram, he thought about people who are in their 20s and 30s that weren’t really different from him. So if he spoke truthfully about himself, people could empathize with him. He started to observe himself as objectively as possible then he realized that he has been on Instagram whenever he gets the chance.

Even when he doesn’t have a good reason, he habitually gets on Instagram. From that small habit, he composed the song Dean instagram. He mentioned he often feels depressed when he gets on Instagram. He follows people who he looks up to and people that he likes. He compared himself with those people and he felt infinitely small and lacking.

Seeing how pretty, handsome, and cool people on Instagram made him compare himself to them. Finding his friends who go to cool places while he was worn out from working in the studio, it felt like he was on a lonely island placed away from all these people. He started composing this song because he was sure that he wasn’t the only one who felt like this.

Dean Instagram Lyrics

I know tomorrow is coming
But I can’t let go of my phone
Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah
So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again
Lonely, lonely, so lonely
Are things always this hard?
No way, no way, in this feed
People are living in a different world from me

Like Dean said in the interview, he felt like he was on a lonely island placed away from all these people. That was why he said ‘people are living in a different world from me’.

All night just wasting time like this
Inside Instagram
I’m useless posting these pictures
But no one knows my hidden feelings behind them
I’m wandering again
Inside Instagram

Photos we shared on Instagram don’t represent all the feelings we have behind the stories. It is only a small piece of our life. Sometimes we might think all the pictures we posted are useless, it doesn’t mean anything.

Dean Instagram Credit

Dean Instagram

lyrics by Deanfluenza
composed by Deanfluenza, highhopes
arranged by Deanfluenza, highhopes
Music Video Director: FLIPEVIL, deantrbl, 96WAVE

Dean Profile

Dean or Kwon Hyuk born on November 10th 1992. He started writing songs for K-Pop artists at the age of 18 with the name Deanfluenza. Debuted in the United States in July 2015 with the single I’m Not Sorry and in South Korea with the single Pour Up. He is in the crew Fanxy Child and Club Eskimo. He became the Best Composer of the year in MAMA 2018.

The music he pursues is futuristic and trendy. He usually does RnB songs but sometimes he raps. Dean loves fashion, his inspiration for his outfits are mostly from New York runways and streets.

Dean Instagram perfect song when you have a stuffy feeling. It is perfect to listen at night or whenever you feel gloomy. The song can make you get into deep thinking, questioning things you don’t usually have on brighter days.

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