Dbo Sticky Wire 2 deluxe album

Dbo Sticky Wire 2 Deluxe Album | 6 More Songs

The original Sticky Wire 2 album were released last month on October 2021, Dbo still have more songs in his archive and then re-release the deluxe version of the album just now. With 6 more songs added, Dbo take another steps to create his own music style and persona.

Dbo Slatt feat BRIEL & Norhfacegawd

Dbo Sticky Wire 2 Deluxe Album tracklist

Dbo Sticky Wire 2 deluxe Album cover
  1. Dragon
  2. SLATT feat BRIEL & Northfacegawd
  3. Came from the Bottom feat. Epthemars & Digital Dav
  4. Sheesh feat Choo
  5. Plan feat Leepacific, Digital Dav
  6. Market Creation feat Leepacific & nineorzero
  7. Millior Dollar Bands
  8. Sticky Talk
  9. Drip That feat Leaf & Northfacegawd
  10. Moneh Shower feat Korean
  11. Put that on my D feat Briel & EK
  12. Love without Love feat Zene The Zilla
  13. Climb
  14. I’m Rare
  15. Fuck this Nikky
  16. Slime Sticky feat Leaf & Choo
  17. Block feat CK & Owen
  18. Digital rage feat Digital Dav & Futuristic Swaver
  19. Fuck it feat Choo

Dbo Profile

Young Dbo start to get recognition for his ahead of time style of rap that only understood by YDG. Prove every of his doubter wrong, Dbo achieve one success after another and become a musician without any limit. Recently he appear on SMTM 10 as featuring artist alongside SUMIN for the stage of Don Mills & Khakii.

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