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D.Ark P Nation Contract Ended | Wish All The Best for Future Activities

D.Ark P Nation contract is coming to an end. Not even one year since signed to the agency back in 29th of December, P Nation announce through press release that D.ark contract with the agency has ended. Despite short stint with the agency, D.ark have been active releasing music and participating on the latest High School Rapper Season 4 as a member of P Nation.

P Nation Official Press Release Regarding D.Ark

We would like to inform our fans that the exclusive contract period with D.Ark has ended.

D.ark is an artist with extensive music capabilities high growth potential. His passion and relentless effort gave become a positive energy and catalyst for all members of P Nation.

Please support and love D.ark on his new journey & future activities”

We humbly ask for your warm encouragement and unwavering love so D.ark new start can lead to good future.

P nation official press release

D.ark also denies the rumor that his contract were terminated but expiring through multiple comment on news sites Instagram account.

D.Ark P Nation Activities

As P Nation artist, D.Ark debut with the single Potential and release his 1st EP GENIUS under the label after finish his stint on School Rapper 4 where he become finalist. D.Ark also participate in writing lyrics for labelmate Dawn in the track Dawndididawn featuring Jessi

D.Ark Future Activities

D.ark P Nation

After the news broke that he’s no longer part of P Nation. D.Ark share a teaser about his upcoming EP with 7 songs that most likely will be release soon as an Independent artist

D.ark Profile

DJ kick that sh*t!. 15 years old Kim Woorim awe everyone with his appearance on SMTM 777 where he show rap skill and performance way beyond his age. After start to active again in South korea music scene by appearing on SMTM 9 and HSR 4. D.Ark is one of the rapper that in the forefront of Korean Hip hop new generation. A generation to look forward to.

That’s the full story of D.Ark P Nation activities. Look forward to D.Ark future activites.

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