CyWorld 2021 BGM Project | Remake 2000’s hit songs of CyWorld

Have you ever goes somewhere and suddenly you hear a song from your chiidhood/teenage/younger days, the nostalgic feelings. There’s a new project in South Korea for everyone who experience the heyday of CyWorld, a Social Networking Service native to South Korea that was popular back in 2000’s.

Back in the late 2000’s, South Korean people were interacting with each other through CyWorld that they open in PC/net cafe. One of the distinctive feature of the SNS is a Background music (BGM) which consist of songs that become popular or even reach mainstream popularity thankss to the SNS.

Cyworld BGM Project 2021 Lineup

  • Kang Daniel
  • San E
  • Mad Clown
  • Yuju of GFRIEND
  • Lee haeri of Davichi
  • Jung Seunghwan
  • Chancellor
  • Gaho of PLT
  • GIFT
  • Soyou
  • Ailee
  • George
  • Punch
  • Hwang Chiyeol

Soyou Y (Please Tell Me Why) first release of the BGM Project

The star studded lineup above gonna remake hit songs from the once popular SNS. So far there’s already two artist that release their remake: Soyou & band GIFT. Soyou remake the song Y (Please Tell Me Why) by Freestyle that release back in 2004 while band GIFT remake the song Time Spent Walking Through Memories that released by NELL back in 2008.

Recently there’s been tons of artist that remake or remaster their old songs. The trend start last year when KyoungSeo successfully remake CyWorld hit song Shiny Star. (original song Kiroy Y in 2010). The song top the chart back then, showing the potential listener that still hold the songs from the decade ago dear to their hearts.

KyoungSeo – Shiny Star (2020)

CyWorld Revival

Cyworld app

CyWorld 2021 BGM Project were also part of bigger project to revive the SNS itself. Once the biggest SNS in South Korea with more than 30 million member at it’s peak. At one point, CyWorld even were banned by companies, school, and universities back then because they were hindering daily activities.  CyWorld were starting to phase out in 2011 when global scale SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were coming and finally replace it as the main social media in South Korea.


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