Crush From Midnight to Sunrise

Crush From Midnight To Sunrise Album (2019)

Crush From Midnight To Sunrise is the second full album of Crush through his new agency, P-Nation. The album From Midnight To Sunrise also featured numerous artists from DEAN, DPR Live and Zion. T. In the song decription Crush write that”

“Each time is different. Just as dawn may be the beginning of the day for some, and the end of the day for others. Nevertheless, my music seeps into those days that everyone spends ,I hope that we can empathize, comfort, and naturally flow with you”

Crush with You Music Video

2019 has been such an amazing year for Crush, as he released NAPPA and a collaboration featuring Pink Sweat. I would say that From Midnight To Sunrise is such a decent album. I would say that PSY is really doing a great job with his own company.

My favourite song from the album is track Wake Up featuring DEAN. It’s been a while since DEAN is actually releasing a new song, but whatever he is doing, I believe that it’s going to be great. Moving on to CRUSH’s musical style, I would say that he always getting better and better.

Crush From Midnight to Sunrise Album tracklist

Crush From Midnight To Sunrise
  1. From Midnight To Sunrise
  2. Wake Up feat DEAN
  3. Wonderlust feat. Band Wanderlust
  4. With You
  5. Alone
  6. Tiki-Taka feat. DPR LIVE
  7. Sunset
  8. Butterfly
  9. Ibiza
  10. Cloth
  11. Sleep No More
  12. Nighty Night feat. Zion.T

Crush From Midnight to Sunrise Concert

Crush Profile

Crush actually starting his career as a trainee preparing to debut as a duo with Cheetah called Masterpiece. As a solo artist, Crush have been having a successful career. Hit song such as Sofa, Fall, Don’t Forget, and Sometimes were top in South Korea Music charts. Of coruse there’s also Goblin Drama OST Beautiful that everyone knows just by intro.

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