Cri De Joie Dry

Cri De Joie DRY | Withered, but Still Beautiful

Cri De Joie release new EP DRY with 6 songs inside . First appear with his real name Jang Seonghwan on Tribe of Hiphop season 2 where reach the final to collaborate with Paloalto. Start his career on 2018 as part of ICYDICE crew, Cri De Joie is back every single year by releasing EP one after another, prefer to tell full story than just a snippet through a single.

Cri De Joie One Sided Love feat Jayci Yucca

Cri De Joie DRY Tracklist

Crie De Joie DRY Cover
  1. One Sided Love feat Jayci Yucca
  2. Hate Sober
  3. Where You At feat Park Hyeonjin
  4. Timing
  5. L.B.Y (Left Behind You)
  6. FInale

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