Coogie I Got A Feeling

Coogie I Got a Feeling Mixtape

Keep movin and movin! There’s a new release by the rapper from ATM SEOUL & Million Market. Release as a mixtape, Coogie I Got a Feeling mark his full activities on this year, 2021. With this mixtape, Coogie gonna show his own musical color without any restriction.

Coogie I Got a feeling

I got a feeling! With this mixtape, Coogie shown his own original musical color without restriction. Different from regular album, mixtape doesn’t need to have a theme or made to sold ‘commercially’ so the musician could freely express their thoughts.

Coogie I Got A Feeling track list

Coogie I Got A Feeling
  1. I Got A Feeling
  2. .뭐 Feat. Wonstein
  3. Out of my way Feat The Quiett
  4. .헤벌레 Feat. Lil Boi of Geeks
  5. SWIPE Feat. Ourealgoat and Lil Nekh
  6. UP & DOWN Feat Mirani & Penomeco

Coogie I Got a Feeling Physical Mixtape

Coogie profile

Coogie start his career independently. He’s sending message to every South korea rapper there is, give them hisdemo for them to listen to. From all out many rapper he’s DM there’s a rapper that reply and want to work with Coogie, Bill Stax. Coogie then sign with Bill Stax new label ATM Seoul. Before joining SMTM 777 and goes as far as the 1st group stage.

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