Colde Your Dog Loves You

Colde Your Dog Loves You with Crush | Lullaby for Dog Lovers

Released as a single in 2018, both Colde’s and Crush’s angelic voice blend together making our hearts melt. Even though it was released four years ago, no one could ever forget this collaboration. Colde Your Dog Loves you

As we look at each other, you smile for me. At the moment we both smile together, I embrace you one more time. The lyrics might tell about a pure love for everything. Just like the title of the song, it could be about a relationship between a human and a dog. It also could mean a pure love for your family, friends, or a long-time partner. Whenever you feel love, this song can describe your love perfectly.

Colde Your Dog Loves You with Crush Music Video

The music video shows a story between some people with their dog. We could feel the love that they give to their dog unconditionally. Such a heartwarming and healing video, makes us believe in love. Colde dog Samna is also present in the music video.

The music video gained so much attention from the listeners. In the comment section, there are so many listeners who shared their stories about their dogs. Even by reading the comment section, it could make your heart warm.

Your Dog Loves You is the most streamed Colde song in Spotify. Gaining 20 million streams, proves this featuring song with Crush is in everybody’s comforting playlist. Guess this isn’t a throwback, since we are still listening to this song up until now, aren’t we?

Behind the Lyrics of Colde Your Dog Loves You

Colde Your Dog Loves You Melon

In the song description that he’s write. Colde said that the message he wanted to tell people is that our pets love us unconditionally. He hopes no one will hurt their pets. He wanted people to become more mature and love the animals.

He also shared about his dong, Sanma, that he raised since it was born. Sanma is always by his side who listens to his worries and complaints. He hopes when Sanma is no longer by his side, the memories will remain in this song. He hopes that when he listens to this song, he will remember the days they spent together.

TMI, Colde dog Kim Samna and Crush Dog Shin Doyou also have Instagram! It’s @Kimsamna and @Shindoyou

Colde Your Dog Loves You Recommended by K-Pop Idols

A lot of K-Pop idols love this song. They recommended this song to their fans, and made Colde have more fans all around the world. Bangchan and Hyunjin from Stray Kids recommended this song through their live streaming, Hyunjin even covered the song through Bubble app. After it, we found a lot of Stays, Stray Kids fans, sharing their love for the song.

Colde Profile

Starting his career as a duo in offonoff with 0channel in 2016, Colde or Kim Hee-Soo is a South Korean singer and songwriter. Previously signed with HIGHGRND, Tablo’s label under YG Entertainment, offonoff has released a lot of songs such as Cigarette, Photograph, good2me, and so on.

Colde started his solo career in 2018 with the EP Wave. He is now under a label wavy since HIGHGRND disbanded. He has three albums under wavy which are Wave (2018), Love Part 1 (2019), and idealism (2021). He also released a lot of singles and collaborations, Your Dog Loves You is one of his singles that he released under wavy.

Crush Profile

Shin Hyo-Seob or Crush is a South Korean RNB singer. He debuted with the single Sometimes back in 2014. He is in VV:D crew, alongside with GRAY, Zion.T, Loco, and ELO. He also in the same crew with Zico, Dean, Millic, and Penomeco named Fanxy Child.

Previously, he was in Amoeba Culture, a label by Dynamic Duo. But now he is signed with PNation, a label led by PSY. He has released two full albums, and a lot of singles and EPs. He is famous for the song Beautiful, an OST for Goblin drama series.

Colde Your Dog Loves You Credit

Written by Colde, Crush
Composed by Colde, Crush, Stally
Arranged by Colde, Stally
Recorded by Stally
Guitar: Dong-il Han
Mixed and mastered by Daesung Kim at Tone Studio

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