Code Kunst Gaeko Team member

Code Kunst Gaeko Team Member SMTM 10 | It’s a Good Day to Win with CoKo

Last night, Producer Code Kunst & Gaeko pick 5 member for their team. Code Kunst Gaeko team member consist of Jo Gwangil, Ahn Byeongwoong, SINCE, TABBER, and Ourealgoat. Code Kunst still have hundreds of beats in his hard disk for his team member, will one of them become the winner of the seasons of original?

Code Kunst Gaeko Team Member | SINCE

Name: Shin Sujin
Date of Birth: 1992
Agency: Independent
Instagram: @since______
Spotify ; Apple Music

One of the most promising female rapper on this year SMTM 10, SINCE actually already start making music since 2016 but just started to get recognition and started to officially debut in 2020. SINCE have been getting opportunities since, appear on OPENMICSWG season 2. SINCE then invited to be part of VMC Boiling Point project, handpicked personally by Deepflow to be a part of it.

Code Kunst Gaeko Team Member | Jo Gwangil

Name: Jo Gwangil
Date of Birth: 12 of September 1996
Height: 180 Cm
Label: Dippin Carls Records
SpotifyApple Music

Considered as one of the fastest active rapper in the industry. Jo Gwangil is a part of Dippin Carls Records. Nominated for Rookie of the Year on 2021 Korean Hip hop Awards, Jo Gwangil have been active making music, release full album and collaboration EP in the process, including the hit track Acrobat.

Jo Gwangil currently participate on SMTM 10 and have been speeding without any care of the world regarding speed limit.

Code Kunst Gaeko Team Member | Tabber

Name: Kim Hyunjun
Date of BIrth: 1994
Label: You.will.knovv
Instagram: @honjowolf
Spotify; Apple Music

Tabber is a part of You.Will.Knovv. Personally invited by DEAN, Tabber contact DEAN when he’s still live in the states after hearing DEAN music on SoundCloud. Moving to South Korea and sign the contract with you.will.knovv. Tabber have release a mixtape and picked by South Korea Hip hop forum user HIPHOPLE to be a part of THE: RISE project, upcoming rapper according to hiphop gallery in South Korea.

Code Kunst Gaeko Team member | Ahn Byeongwoong

Name: Ahn Byeongwoong
Age: 23 August 1999
Agency : WAVY
Crew: M.S.F
Instagram: @_quddnd0823_
Spotify ; Apple Music

Different than other young rapper, Ahn Byeong woong use ‘old school’ style of rap that often heard from rapper from previous decade or even 2000’s. Start to get recognition through OPENMICSWG audition and then explode after his appearance on SMTM 8, often compared to eventual SMTM 9 winner Lil Boi.

Ahn Byeong Woong signed to WAVY, a label by Colde who also consist of Khakii, APRO, Jiwoo & Honno. Can he have a breakthrough this year with team CoKo after being eliminated early on previous 2 seasons.

Code Kunst Gaeko Team Member | Ourealgoat

Name : Lee Hanbin
Birthdate : June 9, 1996
Debut : 2019
Crew : FDT
Instagram : @ourealgoat
Spotify Apple Music

FDT ace Ourealgoat have been making name for himself since he start appear in he scene. Already started making music in 2017 when he was enlisted in the army, Ourealgoat is also a producer who made beat for his own and other rapper. He’s also selected by Hiphople forum member as one of the rising South Korea Artist of 2020 and become a part of THE:RISE Season 3.

Ourealgoat also catch the attention of Hwimin (Groovyroom) that invite him to participate in H1GHRMUSIC compilation album and let to be noticed by Jay Park who he collaborate for HIPHOPLAYA: Hang Out project.

Which one is your favorite team member of CoKo team? Who do you think will go furthest on SMTM 10? 

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