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Code Kunst Flower | A Beautiful Flower Just Like Life

Flowers symbolize beauty, thoughtfulness, and mature charm. There are million types of flowers in this world. Each of them has different forms and characteristics. Red roses, sunflowers, tulips, lilies, every flower has its own beauty. Flowers inspire people in many ways, this also happens to CODE KUNST. He tells his thoughts about this beautiful creature through a song CODE KUNST Flower.

Released the song back in 2020 as the title song for his 4th album, PEOPLE, CODE KUNST brought Giriboy, Jay Park, and Woo to describe a flower. These 3 named rappers all have a different rap style. But together with CODE KUNST, they succeed to combine it into a song.

Code Kunst Flower feat Jay Park, Woo Wonjae & Giriboy

CODE KUNST Flower music video starred himself, Jay Park, Woo, and Giriboy. The music video is beautiful like a flower. There was a mother with her daughter, a lady with a man, an old man, a girl holding a flower, and others. But the similarities are they were all happy and smiled brightly.

How Jay Park Describes Flowers

Beautiful like a flower Life is like a flower. I won an award. Send them to me, send me flowers.

Flowers are often used as a symbol of happiness, sometimes we give them to congratulate people. Celebrities who won an award like to get flowers as a congratulations

Beautiful like a flower, When I leave this world Give me flowers.

Woo Story with Flowers

Yuh yuh in my pocket. The store in front of my house I couldn’t just pass by so I just asked and bought it.

They chop it anyways. The roots are all cut off. So these flowers don’t mean much but it’s different if it’s about you.

Flowers in bouquets are usually chopped and arranged with a paper or ribbon. When we buy a bouquet of flowers, the florist will chop the flowers so that you can bring it anywhere. The chopped flowers can not grow again. But usually, we give flowers to someone with a purpose. So even though it doesn’t have much meaning, if it is about the person, the flowers will be meaningful.

These flowers don’t last long, you just take photos and throw them out.

Flower as a Person to Giriboy

I picked it while walking by, you can throw it out if you don’t like it.

There are no flowers that don’t fall, but you fell too fast.

Don’t go too fast, please don’t look for us there. We were pretty kids in the beginning. A precious son and daughter of a family. Somebody’s grandmother, somebody’s firstborn child. Somebody’s person or somebody’s wish.

Everyone has a role to play. We all are important to someone.

The Last Message of Code Kunst Flower

Smiles and tears will never go away, it’s so beautiful but it’ll fade some day. I’ll see you at the crossroads so you won’t be lonely.

The last verse was sung by Jay Park again. Smiles and tears will always embrace you, whenever you’re happy or sad. All smiles and tears will fade away, but it won’t go away. Just like wild flowers, we’ll meet again so you won’t be lonely.

Code kunst Flower Children’s Day Special

In an ODG episode that aired on 6th April 2020, ODG invited CODE KUNST and punchnello after releasing the song. CODE KUNST asked two ODG kids, Harang and Minseo, to write lyrics about a celebrity who usually lives in glamour but actually they feel lonely and having a tough life.

Harang wrote the lyrics while looking at the birds. CODE KUNST praised him for his deep lyrics, he didn’t expect it would be this meaningful. Meanwhile Minseo also wrote incredible lyrics and even made CODE KUNST thought she wrote better than him.

After reading the lyrics, punchnello came to rap the lyrics Harang and Minseo wrote in front of them. The verses they wrote matched the song well, so does punchnello who rap it beautifully. Later, AOMG released a lyric video of Code Kunst Flower (ODG Version) to celebrate Children’s Day on May 5th 2020.

Code Kunst Flower (ODG Version)

Both the original and ODG versions are beautiful. It all explains about flowers that symbolize life. Flowers is a perfect song to listen to before you start the day, it will give the feeling that ‘this will be a good day’ and everything will be okay. The song gives you hope and smiles to decorate this beautiful life.

Code Kunst Flower Credit

Code Kunst Flower

Composed by CODE KUNST, Jay Park
Written by Jay Park, Woo, Giriboy
Arranged by CODE KUNST, Jong Kwon Park


Code Kunst Flower

CODE KUNST is a producer from South Korea who was born with the name Jo Sung-woo. He is now signed with the record label AOMG. He said ‘kunst’ means ‘art’ in German so ‘Code Kunst’ has the meaning of ‘the music I produced will become art’.

He appeared as a producer for Show Me the Money season 7, 9 and gonna be a producer on SMTM 10. And as a mentor in High School Rapper season 3. Together with Jay Park, Woo, Simon Dominic, and Gray, he became the judges for the program Signhere by AOMG.

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