ChoiLB Independent Music

ChoiLB Independent Music | 3rd Full Album of Dejavu Artist

ChoiLB release his 3rd full album Independent Music, continue his previous album CC & Orientation. This is also first solo project of ChoiLB as Dejavu Group artist after announced as their latest member few months ago on 17th of August 2021. With 11 songs inside the Album, ChoiLB share lots of stories about his life and career as a musician.

ChoiLB Mamaboy Music Video

I Love Mom and Dad

ChoiLB Independent Music album description

ChoiLB Independent Music Tracklist

ChoiLB Independent Music cover
  1. Story of Someone I Know
  2. Mamaboy
  3. $$
  4. Protagonist
  5. Independent Music
  6. Have to Live.
  7. WYBH Save My Life But..
  8. ChoiLB Universe
  9. Supreme
  10. Eat Well
  11. Run Away! feat. Brocolli You Too?

ChoiLB Profile

Choi Jaesung (ChoiLB real name) start his career way back in 2014 as part of $exy $treet alongside Bewhy & Cjamm. He’s invited by Giriboy to join WYBH crew afterwards, slowly but surely gaining loyal fans while continuously release his music. Now part of Dejavu Group, ChoiLB finally have a home after become an independent artist for years.

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