Chanel 201 Blank

Channel 201 Blank | Producer Team Trio Debut Single

ChanNel 201 release their first single Blank. A producer team is not rare, there’s Groovyroom & 015B which active as duo. But a producer team with 3 member is not a daily occurrence, Channel 201 producer team consist of DAUL, Plan8 and NoAir. Each of them is an active producer that produce track for many South Korea hip hop and R&B artist. For their debut single, they decide to invite two artist of unique style and voice tone, Youra & Che.


Channel 201 Blank Credits

Produced by CHANNEL 201
Composed by plan8, DAUL, Noair, youra, CHE, taeone
Lyrics by Yura, CHE
Arranged by plan8, DAUL, Noair, Parkhyeon
Drum Programming by Noair
Keyboard by Noair
Synthesizer by plan8
Mixed by DAUL
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @ 821 Sound
Artwork by Lee Hushin

Listen to Channel 201 debut single on Spotify and Apple Music

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