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The underground rockstar from Deokso now a superstar that musically reach to lands beyond the seas. Changmo Underground Rockstar is the latest long awaited album from the rapper of Ambition Musik. It’s been a year since he release his latest single GJD, it’s all worth it though because at 1llionaire day (11th November) we got a 11 songs as a present from Changmo.

Changmo Moraesigye Music Video

Changmo Underground Rockstar tracklist

Changmo Underground Rockstar cover
  1. Moraesigye
  2. TAIJI
  3. Rockstar Lifestyle feat 365LIT & Posadic
  4. Beretta feat Ahn Dayoung
  5. Chronic feat JIBIN Y2K92
  7. Little Brothers feat Lil Gimchi
  8. Hotel Room
  9. No Regret feat Joe Layne
  10. Supernova feat Dut2

Changmo Profile

Changmo start his career as SoundCloud and underground rapper. Getting recognition for his music, Changmo were personally invited by The Quiett, not to be the 4th member of 1llionaire records but to be a part of The Quiett new label, Ambition Musik. A decision that bear fruit because Changmo just release one hit after another: Maestro, Beautiful, Selfmade Orange, Meteor, and many others.

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