Changmo GJD

Changmo GJD A Precious Story in Precious Place

Changmo GJD, the song title that also the name of the single, stands for Gwangjang-dong, a neighborhood located in Seoul, where CHANGMO spent the beginning of his music career there. The song was actually titled “In Gwangjang-dong” in Korea, abbreviated GJD. The single also contains a song titled D-DAY (2016) that originally included in his 2016 album called ‘M O T O W N’.

Changmo GJD explaining in Yeri-han Hip Bang!

The song itself talked about the early days of CHANGMO in Gwangjang-dong. On 26 October last year, CHANGMO made an appearance on Red Velvet Yeri’s YouTube video. In the video, CHANGMO stated that his new song is about reflection of his old days. In the same video, he also stated that it’s also a love song that he haven’t done for a while. Well, the new song he’s been talking about is certainly GJD, because a couple days later on 13 November, CHANGMO released GJD along with the music visualizer.

Changmo GJD Precious Song for Precious Place

Produced by CHANGMO and co-produced by Panda Gomm, Changmo GJD is filled with romantic and sentimental lyrics that could easily melt someone’s feelings. In GJD, CHANGMO spent more time on singing instead of rapping, blended beautifully with instruments such as piano and guitar playing on the background.

The lyrics itself truly reflects his sentimental moment back then, it feels like through the lyrics, he’s trying to tell us his memories about his past lover and how deep his regret is. Through the lyrics, we can feel that he’s trying to tell us how precious and memorable Gwangjang-dong was, for both his love and career, or to be precise, his life.

The Place Where it All Started

Last year, after the released of CHANGMO GJD, he made an appearance on Henry Lau YouTube channel. In the video, CHANGMO tells stories about how precious the neighborhood was. CHANGMO even brought Henry to the place that was mentioned in the lyrics, Street of Romance. He also shows him places such as his old place and even the concert hall, stating that he is always dreaming to hold a performance there. 

Some places mentioned above also made an appearance in the music video, like the concert hall that made a brief appearance in the music video right before the ending. He stated that they shot the music video on Gwangjang-dong.

Explained Everything

It’s fair to say that the Changmo GJD Music Video directed perfectly. The music video officially made a public appearance on 20 November, about a week after the release of the song. To simplify, the video started with a young boy (probably young CHANGMO) driving a black Porsche owned by grown-up CHANGMO who were sitting in the back seat. The video tells you a story about a man that lives together with her lover, and how life determines their fate after that.

In this video, we can hear 2 of CHANGMO songs playing in the background, one of them was Pingye from the album DNSG that released in 2018. Pingye is heard playing in the beginning of the video inside a car. While the other one that made an appearance is Maestro from his 2016 album Time to Earn Money 2 which is the second part of Time to Earn Money that released on 2013.

The music video totally reflected CHANGMO past where he used to live in a small place, making music in a small space. Both lyrics and music video literally explained everything about this song thoroughly, thanks to the sentimental lyrics written by CHANGMO himself and the cast that starred in GJD music video, Kim Donghwi and Song Heejun. Well, this probably brought a nostalgic feels to CHANGMO himself, and gives us a glimpse of his past, delivered by him perfectly through music.


Changmo GJD

Changmo GJD credits

Produced by CHANGMO
Co-Produced by Panda Gomm
Lyrics by Changmo
Composed by CHANGMO
Arranged by CHANGMO, Panda Gomm, Catchup
Mixing: Najamsu @ Wormwood Hill Studio 
Mastering : Namwoo Kwon @ 821Sound
Recording: Hyde & CHANGMO @ PRVTC & 031 Studio
Main Guitar : Han Yohan
Sub guitar: Catchup


Ku Chang-mo, widely known as CHANGMO is a 1994 born South Korean rapper and producer signed under Dok2 and The Quiett sub-label, Ambition Musik. CHANGMO is known for his tone and tremendous piano skill. Changmo started to learn piano since the age of 5, he practice hard in hopes of becoming a pianist. He stated that he got accepted to Berklee College of Music but he chose not to go since he didn’t got the scholarship.

CHANGMO released a lot of masterpieces since his debut, his famous piano melody plays a big role in his music signature. Songs such as Maestro and Selfmade Orange both began with piano intro followed by his rap verse right after that. One of his most famous release was Meteor from the album Boyhood that top music charts.

Perfect Time to Listen to Changmo GJD?

Best time to listen to this song were probably when you suddenly in the mood to recall memories from your past, recalling how your life back then, your school life, work life and even your love life. Well, sometimes life can be cruel, too, and it’s best to not recall those bad memories. 

Love life too can be so displeasing in some way. The song suits the best when you keep being haunted by memories from your past lover that difficult to get rid of. It’s over already, why bother thinking about your past? Through the fog I look for us who disappeared at Gwangjang-dong, looking for you and me. Trust me, it’s worth the tears.

Stream now! Changmo GJD or In Gwangjang-dong available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Melon Music and more.

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