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Chancellor Angel with Taeyeon | Angelic Voices behind Angel

When we listen to a song, we can’t deny that a good instrument combined with an extraordinary vocal from the singer is the main factor that drives our interest towards a song, and yet we can both of them on Chancellor Angel. Being released in 2019, Chancellor, together with Taeyeon of Girls Generation bring us a masterpiece that soothes and comforts our ears.

Chancellor Angel featuring Taeyeon: When Two Singers with Angelic Voice brought Angel

In terms of voices and singing skill, we all agree that both Chancellor and Taeyeon are on the next level. With their respective soothing voices, they both somehow create a harmonious track that completes each other’s voices. Their voices blend well with the instrument playing in the background, and with their harmonious combo, it feels like we’re in the middle of their conversation, and it feels like we’re being whispered by angels from both sides of our ears.

Chancellor Angel Lyrics

“You were always there when I opened my eyes. But now I have to close my eyes to see you.”

Well, there’s a comment on YouTube saying that this song made the listener sad, but somehow their vocals are so comforting. After reading the lyrics, who doesn’t? Love hurts, but people keep doing it anyway.

Chancellor Angel Credits:

Chancellor Angel

Lyrics by Chancellor, Park Jang-geun
Composed by Chancellor, Charm Park
Arranged by Chancellor
Guitar by Seunghyun Kim
Recorded by @OFF THE, Jung Eui-Seok @SM Blue Cup Studio
Digital editing by Eunsook Huh @W Sound, Minkyu Lee @SM Big Shot Studio
Mixed by Jongpil Koo(BeatBurger) @SM Yellow Tail Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering
Creative Director Seong-Yong Lee
A&R Bae Yujin, Shin Hyunjin
Artwork by Rarebirth
M/V Directed by Sunghwi @nvrmnd
Choreography by Jinjoo Baek
Dancer Minji Kim

Chancellor Profile

Kim Jung-seung, widely known as Chancellor is a Korean-American singer, who is also a songwriter, born on 22 October 1986. Chancellor currently signed under KONNECT Entertainment. In his early days, Chancellor was a former member of a famous producing team, Duble Sidekick who compose and produce a lot of tracks for various idol groups. He made his debut as Oneway member, a hip hop group back in 2010, and later made his solo debut in 2015.

Chancellor has released a lot of masterpieces since his debut, one of his most famous and well known creations was Automatic together with Babylon, twlv, Moon Sujin, BIBI and Jiselle. Following the good response on Automatic, he then created Automatic Remix that was sung by a wider range of talented Korean R&B singers, adding names such as Jay Park, Elo, Hoody, Lee Hi, JAMIE, Sumin, SOLE, THAMA, BUMKEY, and more.

Perfect Time to Listen to Chancellor Angel?

As said before, this song somehow would make you feel sad and comfortable at the same time. Chancellor Angel suits best when you’re about to undergo a breakup, but you both went back and forth, confused on deciding whether you both really have to break up or not. Or when you’re about to go through an unwanted breakup, a breakup that didn’t mean to happen, but you both ended up breaking up anyway, and you both ended up missing each other’s presence.

Those feelings when you’re going through an unwanted breakup are the worst. Because what’s the point of going through a breakup if in the end, we ended up missing each other? When you’re ain’t ready to let go, but nature forces you to let go, you have no choice but loosen up your feelings slowly, embracing the memories in your head. 

“If time goes by, and our looks change over time. I’ll still love you. I’m sure.”

Stream now! Chancellor Angel is available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Melon Music and more.

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