Yang Dail Bumkey Home

Yang Dail Bumkey Home | A Remake of 7 Years Song

Yang Dail Bumkey Home is a remake of the song by Bumkey with the same title that was released 7 years ago. This remake project were part of Brand New Music TEN Project, a project to remake masterpiece released by Brand New Music Artist from the past 10 years and remake it into 2021 version. How the 2021 version of the song sounds? Let’s take a listen.

Yang Dail Bumkey Home

THis is the 5th single of Brand New Music TEN project. Previous song from the project including the remake of San E & Raina hit song Midsummer Night Sweetness. For this version of home, produced Nomad and On The Road remade the song into R&B and Jazz genre which have different groove and atmosphere than the original song.

Original version of Bumkey Home

Yang Dail Bumkey Home Credits

Yang Dail BUmkey Home cover

Produced by nomad, On the road
Composed by Bumkey, ZigZag Note, Captain Planet
Lyrics by Bumkey
Arranged by nomad, On the road
Keyboard by nomad
Guitar by Kim Seung-jun
Bass by Lee Kwang-chae
Saxophone by Jason Lee
Trumpet by Q The Trumpet
Chorus by Bumkey, ESBEE
Digital Edited by Bumkey at BUMKEY GWELL, Yang Dail
Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio, Bumkey at BUMKEY GWELL
Mixed by Master Key at 821 Sound
Mastered by Master Key at 821 Sound

Yang Dail Profile

Debut in 2015, the Seoul Institute of the Arts alumni were a regular guest on the top of Melon chart. Mutiple hit track with mostly ballad songs make Yang Dail is known more as ballad singer even though he release more R&B song and music over the years. Yang Dail is also a part of Brand New Music that were the same agency as Bumkey who he collaborate with in this song.

Bumkey Profile

Bumkey have a lengthy career in South Korea Music Industry. Debut in 2005, he’s already affiliated with the top arist of the industry such as Dok2, Brown Eyed Soul, Dynamic Duo, and TBNY. Bumkey also have a short group career as a member of R&B group TROY with Jaewoong, Changwoo, and Kanto. Now he’s not only a part of Brand New Music but also own an agency with wife, Holyhood Music.

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