Bourgeois l The Sixth Track Of HANGOUT Project By BIG Naughty And Producer dress

HIPHOPPLAYA released the sixth track of the HANGOUT 2021 summer project from BIG Naughty and producer dress team. The song entitled Bourgeois, bringing rising star unique rapper Zior Park to be featured. Bourgeois also released its live performance video and was uploaded on HIPHOPPLAYA youtube channel. Bourgeois was released to every music streaming platform on September 12, 2021.

HANGOUT is a 2021 summer project by HIPHOPPLAYA (a hip-hop portal in South Korea) and StabyGO (an OTT service platform) collaboration to release a compilation album as the final act of the project itself. The HANGOUT compilation album will consist of 8 tracks made by 8 different collaborations between music producers and hip-hop artists. There are 7 producers and 8 artists in total participating in the project.

The Lineup Of Producers And Artists Teamed Up For HANGOUT 2021 Summer Project

Hiphopplaya Hangout Bourgeois
Instagram @hiphopplaya

Clip Of BIG Naughty and dress On HANGOUT Episode 6

Subsequent to the track release of PEEJAY and Han Jiwon team on September 4, this time HANGOUT unveiled the collaboration between BIG Naughty and producer dress as the next team to release their song. BIG Naughty and dress went to Jeju island for their hangout and to complete the track they have made there. To raise aloft the public alert, HIPHOPPLAYA uploaded a few teaser posters for the team.

Teasers Uploaded By HIPHOPPLAYA For BIG Naughty and dress Team

Bourgeois  teaser

Live Performance Video Of Bourgeois By BIG Naughty Feat. Zior Park (Prod. by dress)

The superb combination between the artists gave birth to a wholly masterpiece song, Bourgeois. The spry energy really radiated from the track itself. Bourgeois is an all-the-rage track with the mysterious yet addictive beat made by the genius producer dress well combined to BIG Naughty superlative flair and the mesmerizing voice of Zior Park. HIPHOPPLAYA also uploaded the live performance of Bourgeois on their YouTube channel.

Big Naughty x DRESS – Bourgeois credits

Produced by dress
Composed by dress, BIG Naughty (서동현), Jiwon Park (Zior Park)
Lyrics by BIG Naughty (서동현), Jiwon Park (Zior Park)
Arranged by dress
Mixed by 구종필 @KLANG Studio
Mastered by Chris Gehringer @ Sterling Sound
Artwork Designed by Laundry Office
Photograph by 황인욱
Project Partnership with stabyGO
A&R 김태현, 박준영, 황정환
Executive Producer 김용준 HIPHOPPLAYA

BIG Naughty Profile

Big Naughty

Instagram @bignaughtyboi

BIG Naughty (birth name : Seo Donghyun) is a young versatile rapper who signed to H1GHR MUSIC, a label founded by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. He successfully attracted the public’s notice by his appearance on Show Me The Money Season 8 and came out as the second runner-up. Right after the show ended, BIG Naughty signed to H1GHR MUSIC and made his debut on November 21, 2019 with a remix track “Where It All Started” (originally performed by Verbal Jint in 2015).

dress Profile

Instagram @takeyourdress

dress is a top-drawer producer in the South Korean music scene who signed under HIGHLINE Entertainment, a sub label of STARSHIP Entertainment. Dress participate in producing songs for Mnet rap competition programs Show Me The Money Season 5 and High School Rapper. dress made a joint album with Kid Milli in April 2021 titled “Cliché”.

Listen to Bourgeois by Big Naughty and dress Spotify and Apple Music


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