Bluewhale change

Bluewhale Change | First Album from HSR 3 Contestant

Bluewhale Change. Not only his looks and persona that been changing and improving since we first saw him as a contestant of School Rapper 3 early last year. He’s also been creating great music that were compiled into his first full album with 13 track inside, all written and composed by Bluewhale with the help of producer M I N B E O M.

Bluewhale Make It Count Live Performance

Bluewhale Change Tracklist

Bluewhale Change
  1. There’s No Stop
  2. Zoom
  3. Make It Count
  4. Believe
  5. What’s Good
  6. Blind
  7. Where Are You Now
  8. Drive feat Diett
  9. Diva
  10. Thriller
  11. Take It
  12. Snapshot !
  13. Hold On

Bluewhale Profile

Was part of 8zone crew, Blue Whale were first known to the public as a participant of School Rapper 3 where he goes as far to the final, only losing to Lee Youngji the eventual winner. Blue Whale didn’t stop there though, he’s joining multiple SMTM season and even join AOMG survival program Sign Here. He’s now an independent musician that keep growing through his music release.

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