Bloo Downtown Baby

BLOO Downtown Baby | A Postponed Hit Track

Bloo Downtown Baby released on 13th December of the year 2017. This song was in BLOO’s EP with the same name, Downtown Baby. BLOO made a music video for this song that took place on a big hill.

Bloo Downtown Baby Music Video

This song gives listeners a sentimental feeling after listening to it. The hook in this song has rhymes that can make you groove together with the song. The beat and music sound a little sad, even though the lyrics are not about anything sad.

Bloo Downtown Baby Lyrics

The lyrics itself is about BLOO’s feelings towards a girl he likes. He will do anything the girl wants, he wants the girl to lean on him, he is being addicted to the girl. This song clearly tells about BLOO’s pure feeling.

With your hot pink hair and three piercings
You liked my arm pillows

You’re my downtown baby
Your eyes are the stars of the night
I wanna dream of everynight

The hook that gives addictive feeling in the song is about BLOO saying that the girl is his downtown baby. The hook describes someone who is falling in love since he said the girl’s eyes are the stars of the night that he wants to dream about every night.

All the lyrics give a serious feeling to the song and it makes the song emotional. After reading the lyrics and listening to the song, you can feel the feeling of being drunk in love with someone. Since the lyrics are about things we like to feel when we fall in love, people are loving this song and relate to it.

Bloo Downtown Baby Become a Hit Song in 2020

Even though this song was released 4 years ago, in 2020 Downtown Baby was trending again. It all started when Lee Hyori covered this song on a TV Program How Do You Play? from MBC. She covered a short part of the song with her voice that surprisingly matched this song very well. Rain and Yoo Jae-suk who watched Lee Hyori covered Downtown Baby amazed with the song and they said they like the song. This video itself already got 1 million views even though it was only a very short cover.

After that, this song was topping again in realtime music charts such as Genie and Bugs. This song also topped the Melon music charts on June 18th. Downtown Baby also nominated for the first place in SBS Inkigayo/

Bloo Thankful to Lee Hyori on Instagram

Bloo Downtown Baby

In an instagram post, BLOO thanked Lee Hyori for helping him get this place in music charts. Lee Hyori sent BLOO direct messages after BLOO thanked her. Lee Hyori congratulated him on being the no. 1 in the music charts and gave him advice. She asked him to don’t be over excited and instead calmly enjoy the time.

Bloo Downtown Baby covers

This song gained listeners in every circle, from casual listeners to celebrities. Numbers of K-Pop idols covered this song. One of the most popular idols that covered this song is Yuju from GFRIEND. The cover already got 2 million viewers now. She showed her powerful vocal and good breathing technique by this cover. People are loving this cover, they like how Yuju makes this song fit her.

Youngjae from the group GOT7 also covered this song and even sang it on a radio show. He brought the emotional side of this song and made the listeners feel his emotion. He also sang this song in VLIVE and finally we can see him singing this song live on the radio.

Bloo Downtown Baby cover by Youngjae of GOT7

Stray Kids Bangchan also showed his love for this song, he played this song on his live streaming in VLIVE. He even said that he is a fan of MKIT RAIN, the label that consists of BLOO, nafla, Loopy, Owen and Young West. He even praised MKIT RAIN music, saying that they made such a great music. He recommended this song to his fans who are watching the live stream.

Bangchan of Stray Kids play Bloo Downtown Baby

Because there are many people covering this song, BLOO fans are getting wider. In the comment section of Downtown Baby, there are a lot of fans who tell how they know the song. This also made people anticipate BLOO’s next music.

BLOO Downtown Baby ft. Lee Hyori

And the video we have been waiting for is here. BLOO and Lee Hyori sang this song together on a performance clip posted by Kakao TV YouTube channel. Lee Hyori soft voice and BLOO sentimental voice blend well unexpectedly. Finally, Bloo Downtown Baby live together with Lee Hyori who made improvisation for this song.

BLOO Profile

BLOO or Kim Hyun-woong is a singer and rapper from South Korea. He is also known by the name of Daniel. He used to live in America since his family moved when he was in school. He came back to South Korea with his label mates MKIT RAIN and started their career in South Korea. He has released one full album and numerous EPs and singles. He also collaborated with other artists like nafla, Loopy, ASH ISLAND, Sleepy, etc. Recently he released his BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2 in the middle of 2021. He made music videos for Come and kiss me and Drama.

Bloo Downtown Baby is a perfect song to listen to before sleep. This emotional song can make you feel calm and make you sleep better. When you fall in love, the lyrics of this song also can help you to express your feelings since it was very sweet.

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