Bite Sitsters drama OST

Bite Sisters Drama OST | Let it Bleed By ABOUT & Min

A webdrama with Romance and Supernatural as it’s main genre, Bite sisters drama is about a 821 years old vampire sisters who trying to live in modern 21st century society, one of the sister discover the fun of SNS (Social networking Service such as Instagram/Twitter/Facebook). That’s enough spoiler, because you can watch the drama with Kang Hanna as the main cast is available free on TVN D Youtube channel (also with English subs!).

Let it Bleed by ABOUT & Min

Based on the alternative, urban, and R&B genres, Let It Bleed try to capture emotions of two people that were building chemistry in Bite Sisters drama. A dreamy and affectionate atmosphere is born from two voice that harmonize well with the music.

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Min & About Let it Bleed for Bite Sisters drama OST Credits

Let It Bleed Bite Sisters Drama OST Cover

Composers: ABOUT, Echez, Myeonghwan Kim, Gyubin Kim, Seungho Lee, Hyunjun Jang
Lyrics: ABOUT
Arrangers: ABOUT, Echez, Myunghwan Kim, Kyubin Kim, Seungho Lee, Hyunjun Jang

Piano Hyunjun Jang
Strings Hyunjun Jang Strings
Elec. Bass Kyubin Kim
Elec. Guitar Myeonghwan Kim, Echez
Drum Programming Seungho Lee
Background Vocals ABOUT, MIN

Vocal Directed by ABOUT
Vocal Recorded by ABOUT

Mixed by HEMO
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon (@821 Sound Mastering)

ABOUT Profile

1994 liner ABOUT is an artist who is active in the Alternative, Urban, and R&B genres, first appear on 2018 as a part of remake project by Jinbo. ABOUT solo activity starts when he participate as the original soundtrack singer of the hit drama Sky Castle. This is not the only drama OST that ABOUT participate, he continue with KBS Drama My Fellow Citizens afterwards.

MIN Profile

Start as a member of Miss A alongside Fei, Suzy & Jia back in 2010. MIN start her full solo activities just recently (8th of November 2021) with single Onion. Now a solo artist, looking forward to more MIN activities in the future.

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