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BIG Naughty SMTM 8 Journey | The Intriguing Teenage Rapper

Coming up with the mischievous jesting concept dressed like anime character Tony Chopper, BIG Naughty SMTM 8 appearance engrossed the public with both of his outstanding flair and bizarre presence. Let’s take a look at his journey on Show Me The Money 8, where it all started!

As Show Me The Money Season 8 aired on July 26, 2019, a lot of new rappers showed up and got discovered from the show. Mnet confirmed there’s around 16.000 applicants from that season and the production team selected roughly 2.000 contestants to participate in the first round. Big Naughty SMTM 8 appearance is starting.

Big Naughty SMTM 8 First Appearance. Rapper Selection Round

Rapper Selection Round or the name of SMTM first round is an audition where the contestants have to perform their verse in front of a producer to get selected and later they will be given a chain as a sign that they pass on to the next round. Seo Donghyun grips public attention by showing up as a 17-year-old teen dressed like Tony Chopper from One Piece anime.

He was really sanguine about himself with his eccentric costume and mischievous concept. Knowing he got the chance to be judged by Verbal Jint, BIG Naughty immediately executed his rap verse zealously in a blare voice. On the spur of the moment the other applicants have all their eyes on BIG Naughty SMTM 8 first performance. Verbal Jint also seemed to be pleased by BIG Naughty verse, he even asked BIG Naughty for another rap.

One-Minute Rap Round

On the second round or One-Minute Rap Round, all the advanced contestants have to perform their rap verse in front of all producers and each of the producers will either give pass or fail. BIG Naughty assuredly came to the stage with Verbal Jint’s beat of Unchained by Evoi beats. As soon as he started his verse, the whole producers and contestants were engrossed with BIG Naughty’s unique voice. He got highly praised by the producers on the second round.

Group Challenge Round

This third round or also known as the Half Elimination Judging will be classifying the contestants depending on the number of passes they got from the previous round. There will be 12 beats given, the contestants have to choose the beat themself and the crews will be formed based on the beat that they have chosen.

BIG Naughty SMTM 8 third round teamed with 100KGOLD and Hahoe on Chris Brown – Loyal beat. It’s a shame that BIG Naughty forgot his lyrics and suddenly he had to do freestyle to cover himself. He got eliminated from the crew but luckily Giriboy gave him a crew pass and BIG Naughty revived to the fourth round.

Big Naughty SMTM 8 1 on 1 Crew Battle Round

1 on 1 Crew Battle or the fifth round is a stage where they have to battle against the other contestants from the opponent crew. They can choose or be chosen depending on the coin drawn by the MC. BIG Naughty got an opportunity to choose his opponent in which he picked out Yuja, the one who also received crew pass on the third round.

The reason behind his choice was because he wanted to have a battle with someone who shared the same situation with him, BIG Naughty wanted to see who is really worth the crew pass between him or Yuja. Satisfactorily BIG Naughty SMTM 8 battle were won by him over Yuja and passed the fifth round.

Producer Crew Battles Round

On this sixth round of the show, the contestants will be having another man to man cypher battle based on the beat they choose individually but they have to perform it with the whole crew. BIG Naughty SMTM 8 Crew Battle song were Wala Cam by Chance The Rapper and his opponent was TAKUWA. This round was won by the 40 Crew.

Big Naughty SMTM 8 Crew Song Mission

This is the seventh round in which the producers will split their members into 2 different teams and will perform the song made by the producers. BIG Naughty teamed up with Yang Hongwon, Woodie Gochild, Kingchi Mane, and Chillin Homie on a song titled Bada (Sea) Prod. Giriboy. Kingchi Mane had to be eliminated from this round.

Diss Battle Round

One of the most awaited rounds from the show is Big Naughty SMTM 8 diss battle stage. On this round BIG Naughty were paired with Lil Tachi to have a diss battle against each other. This stage went viral when BIG Naughty successfully affronted Lil tachi by his verse using the beat in which Lil Tachi had performed on High School Rapper 3 (rap survival show from Mnet for the high schoolers). BIG Naughty attracts the public with his waggish charm.

Crew Revenge Battle Round

Following the previous round, this ninth round will have the second tussle between the contestants with the same rival from the diss battle round. Each pair will collaborate to perform on a song together and they will be voted by 200 live audiences. BIG Naughty and Lil Tachi performed a song entitled CCTV, BIG Naughty ended up winning over Lil Tachi with 113 votes.

First Live Performances Of Big Naughty SMTM 8

SMTM started their tournament basis competition where the remaining contestants will have one on one battle and the winner of each round has to be in another match up until the final round. BIG Naughty victoriously passed the first live performance with a song titled Problem feat. Coogie, BIG Naughty won over BRYN with a big gap of votes.

Big Naughty SMTM 8 Last performance. Semifinal round

With the 4 remaining contestants, they got paired for the semi-final stages. This time BIG Naughty had to go against his crewmate, Yang Hongwon. With a small gap of votes, BIG Naughty unfortunately got eliminated from the show. But he had fun performing on his last tage of Show Me The Money 8 with his beloved producer, Giriboy.

Teenage Cypher Of Show Me The Money 8

The eighth season of Show Me The Money really has lots of young talented rappers as the applicants. To properly show their rap skills, Mnet gave an opportunity to BIG Naughty, Layone, M1NU, and Veinyfl to have a cypher on a project called “Teenage Cypher”. The four of them spit their verses on a beat 급SICK and later on they made a crew named “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”.

Career Of BIG Naughty After SMTM8

Ever since Big naughty SMTM 8 Appearance, BIG Naughty has always been highly praised for his natural talent. After getting a wide floodlight on Show Me The Money Season 8, BIG Naughty continued to pursue his career in the music industry.  Later after Show Me The Money 8 ended, BIG Naughty officially announced as H1GHR MUSIC Records new artist by Jay Park, H1GHR Music CEO, during Off Route Fest 2019.

With his new label, BIG Naughty steadily produced his own music with singing-rap skill as his forte. He showed an exponential growth of fame by dint of his outstanding flair as an up-and-comer artist.

Seo Donghyun or well-known as BIG Naughty is a top-tier young rapper under H1GHR Music Records, a hip-hop label founded by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. Showing up on Show Me The Money Season 8 as a total rookie, BIG Naughty favorably advanced to the semifinal round and ended up as the second runner-up of the show. BIG Naughty flourishing fame grows massively along with his enhanced skill beyond the shadow of a doubt. His ability to show performances at some different genres proved that BIG Naughty reserve the right to be called as a hope of future Korean Hip-Hop industry.


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