Bernard Park Bad Influence

Bernard Park Bad Influence | Back after 3 Years

Bernard Park last solo music release were 3 years ago in October 2018 with the single album Still… Bad Influence is said to be a start of various music activities by Bernard Park who already matured and widen his musical spectrum since he’s discharged from the military on 27th of July 2020.

Bernard Park Bad Influence Music Video

The title song Bad Influence is story of a man who falls too deep in love, make all his daily life and plans goes out of windows. Produced by Armadillo it usea short-length synthesizer pad and electric piano, centered on the heavy bass, that complement each other until the end of the song, creating an intense groove. Add Bernard Park falsetto into it and voila you got a bad influence.

There’s also another track inside the single album titled Easier

Bernard Park Bad Influence single album Credits

Bernard Park Bad Inluence cover
  1. Bad Influence

Lyrics by Bernard Park, Peridot
Composed by Bernard Park, Armadillo
Arranged by Armadillo
Published by JYP Publishing (KOMCA)
Computer programming by Armadillo
Background vocals by Bernard Park
Bass by Lee Sung-chan
Piano by Jeon Sang- min
Recorded by Armadillo
Digital edited by Jiyoung Shin NYC
Mixed by Taeseop Lee at JYPE Studios
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound Mastering

2. Easier

Lyrics by Bernard Park
Composed by Bernard Park, Aaron Kim, HAEVN
Arranged by Aaron Kim, HAEVN
Published by JYP Publishing (KOMCA ), 8PEX COMPANY
Computer programming by Aaron Kim, HAEVN
Vocals directed by Aaron Kim
Piano by Aaron Kim
String arranged by HAEVN
String conducting by Kwon Seokhong
String by RB-INJ
Recorded by Aaron Kim at 8PEX COMPANY
String recorded by Jung Gihong at Seoul Studio
Recording assisted by Dain Choi, Chanmi Lee at Seoul Studios
Digital editing by Dawson at 8PEX COMPANY
Mixed by Taeseop Lee at JYPE Studios
Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound

Bernard Park Profile

A Korean-American that grew in Atlanta, USA. Bernard Park join K-Pop Star season 3 where he become eventual winner and decide to join JYP Entertainment. He’s debut with EP I’m that were released back in 2014. Also once used the name Nakjoon (Bernard Park Korean name) he release his hit track titled Blame featuring Changmo.

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