BE'O profile

BE’O profile | Rising Star that were Better than Your Louis Vuitton

BE’O profile

Name: Yoo Chanwook
27th April 2000
Height: 178 cm
Agency: FameUs Records
Instagram: @auxi_beo

BE’O or Yoo Chanwook become an overnight sensation after his performance on SMTM 10 Ep 2 goes Viral. A combination of his voice, rap skill and touching lyrics make everyone rooting for him for this season SMTM 10. Let’s get to know more about BE’O!

BE’O profile | High School Rapper 3

Still using his real name, Yoo Chanwook participate on School Rapper 3. Using his verse on Kendrick Lamar – DNA beat, Yoo chanwook from School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) awe everyone. Too bad he’s eliminated early in this season of School Rapper 3.

BE’O Profile as Soundcloud Artist

Before even debut, BE’O already start to post his music to his soundcloud account since 2017. There’s already many gem from BE’O who were finding his music. Check his soundcloud here.

Even back then, BE’O already lauded by veteran hip hop artist Huckleberry P and Paloalto for his music. They already predict that BE’O one day gonna be a star in this industry.

BE’O Profile | Part of FameUs records

BE’O is announced as part of FameUs Records. An agency/music label founded by San E prior he left Brand New Music. Alongside FameUs records member, there’s 2 EP (God FameUs & Famous FameUs). BE’O tagline with his company is “Finally Famous”.

FameUs Records artist:

  • San E
  • BE’O
  • Errday Jinju
  • Malkey

BE’O Solo release

BE’O official solo debut is on 5th September 2020 with the single album Monster. He were contemplating what kind of music style that he should go with as his first release. But he ended up choosing the song he have most fun working with and hope everyone who listen to it were having fun as well.

BE’O Profile | Bipolar

BE’O latest release is just few months ago on May 2021 with single album Bipolar. This single album show BE’O express various emotion including resentment, longing, resignation, and jealousy. BE’O dive deeper into human emotion and hope everyone who currently struggling could be comforted and everyone else could sympathize to other people struggle.

BE’O SMTM 10 appearance

Everyone instantly become a fan BE’O after SMTM 10 Ep 2 air last Friday. Showing a song with a touching lyrical meaning, earworm hook that can’t left your head and a great singing voice to complement that. BE’O is a complete package and everyone is looking forward to see how far would he go on this year Show Me The Money season 10.

Listen to more BE’O music on Spotify and Apple Music

BE’O profile is not over yet. It will gonna be updated as there gonna be more information about the artist in the future


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