Baek Yerin Profile

Baek Yerin Profile | Heavenly Vocals that Exudes Exquisite Charm

Baek Yerin Profile

Name: Eliane Baek Ye-rin
Birthdate: June 26, 1997
Agency: Blue Vinyl
Debut: 2012
Instagram: @yerin_the_genuine

Speaking of talentedartists with excellent vocals, Baek Yerin is certainly on the list. Baek Yerin is one of many accomplished South Korean singers right now, with her soothing and heartwarming vocals, we all agree that we can’t just get enough of her voice. Thankfully, she released a lot of masterpieces lately, so we can enjoy and appreciate her music more often these days. Both her vocals and how she delivers the lyrics exudes an unexpected charm from her.

Baek Yerin Profile Pre-Debut | Early Days

Eliane Baek Yerin, widely known as Yerin Baek is a South Korean singer and songwriter signed under her own label, Blue Vinyl. Yerin was born in Daejeon, South Korea, on 26 June 1997. Before her debut day, she used to appear on a variety show from SBS, Star King. She appeared as a 10 year old Ballad Genius and performed Listen by Beyoncé, and managed to impress the audience and the MC with her confidence and her powerful vocals.

After her appearance on Star King, Baek Yerin profile continue after he gained more confidence and decided to participate in an open recruitment at JYP Entertainment, where she performed the same song that she did while she was in Star King, Listen by Beyoncé. After her performance, she managed to impress everyone by winning second place in the audition, behind Jang Woo-young, who will debut as a member of boy group 2PM. Yerin later spent five years as a trainee at JYP Entertainment starting from 2007, training both in South Korea and the United States.

Baek Yerin Profile| 15&: Era | Heavenly Duo with Extraordinary Vocals

After spending a long time training in JYP Entertainment and managed to master the English language while she trained in the United States, Yerin finally made her debut in 2012 as a member of 15&, a duo that consists of her and Park Jimin or also known as JAMIE, who won the first season of K-pop Star in the previous year. They released their debut single titled I Dream in October 2012.

Following her successful debut as a member of duo 15& alongside Park Jimin, they then continue to release another single under their names. Their second single, titled Somebody was released in April 2013. Then followed by their third single titled Can’t Hide It in April 2014, also with their first album, which was being released in the same year. After spending three years together under 15&, they both decided to hold their activities as a duo and put 15& on a long hiatus.

15& Somebody Music VIdeo

Baek Yerin Profile as solo Artist| The Beginning of Something Great

After putting her duo activity on hold, Yerin Baek planned to start her journey as a solo artist. In November 2015, she worked together with music producer, Cloud, on her solo album titled FRANK which consists of 6 tracks. The album received a positive response from her fans, it reflected on the number of views and likes on the music video of the lead single, titled Across the Universe. The comment section of the music video is also filled with love and appreciation towards her outstanding vocals and singing abilities.

Baek Yerin Profile as Band Member | The Formation of The Volunteers

Following her successful solo career both as main artist and featuring artist, she then decided to broaden her music style by forming a rock band named The Volunteers in 2018. The Volunteers made their debut in the same year by releasing an Extended Plays titled Vanity & People, that consists of 5 tracks. Despite having to perform a very different music style than what she usually performs, she managed to pull it off and prove that she is a versatile singer that is able to perform perfectly in almost any sort of genre.

Baek Yerin Profile | Blue Vinyl

It’s been around 4 years since 15& announce their hiatus, and in 2019, both Yerin and Jamie made a decision to let their contract with JYP expire. In the same year, following her departure from JYP Entertainment, she then mustered up her courage and decided to form her own record label, Blue Vinyl. In her new label, she released her first single titled Popo (How Deep is Your Love), followed by the release of her first studio album under her new label, titled Every letter I sent you, which consists of 18 tracks.

Baek Yerin Profile | Solo Concert

In the beginning of 2020, after the release of her studio album Every letter I sent you, Yerin held her first ever solo concert, Turn on that Blue Vinyl, that was held for 2 days both on 8 and 9 February. Her first ever solo concert turns out to be a huge success, with a total of 4.400 tickets sold out within 1 minute. Also, Loopy who previously featured on her song, Point and pH-1 who also collaborated with Yerin on Nerdy Love, made an appearance at the concert.

Following her successful first solo concert, Yerin held another concert later that same month, Yerin Baek Encore Concert, Turn on that Blue Vinyl. The concert is being held specially for those who missed the opportunity for the first concert, which the ticket is being sold out in no time.

Baek Yerin Profile | Recent Activities

Recently, on 10 September 2021, Yerin released an Extended Plays, titled Love, Yerin. The EP consists of 6 tracks, where all the tracks were covered by Yerin. All of the tracks were originally sung by 6 different outstanding artists as well, such as The Black Skirts, Toy, Lee Young-hoon, Sorri, NELL and Kio. This is not the end of Baek Yerin Profile because good things is waiting to be discover in the near future.

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Baek Yerin profile will keep being updated in the future.

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