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Ash Island Carabiner prod by Groovyroom | What a Collaboration

One of the most trendy hip hop artist out there collaborate with one of the most trendy producer in the industry. Ash Island Carabiner is producer by Groovyroom and it have all the recipe to become the next Paranoid and Melody. This project no only a collaboration between two artist, but also a collaboration with Gentle Monster x Ambush Brand. A great project, hopefully more in the future?

Ash Island Carabiner Produced by Groovyroom Music Video

In the Ash Island Carabiner song description, it’s written

Anxiety and confusion grow out of our doubts.
There is a moment when we have to rely on something that seems weak.
Watching the little connection we have between you and me,
I’m nervous that this problem will come o us eventually.
Helding each other hands while at it
Nevertheless, we joined hands and keep going up. Little by little.
The higher you climb, the more you and i will depend on each other.
But doubt has gone and faith has begun to sprout little by little”

Ash Island Carabined produced by Groovyroom credits.

Ash Island Carabiner Prod by Groovyroo

Executive Producer GroovyRoom
A&R Lee Seongyeong @AREA
Marketing Lee Jungha
Art Director Park Seongwoo
Mixed by Stay Tuned @ Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

Lyrics by ASH ISLAND
Composed by GroovyRoom, ASH ISLAND, GEMINI
Arranged by GroovyRoom
Chorus by Kim Jaemin
Piano by Park Gyujeong
Guitar by Han Jaejoon
Drum by Lee Hwimin
Synthesizer by Park Gyujeong
Bass by Lee Hwimin

Ash Island Profile

Known with the stage name Clloud on School Rapper 2, Yoon Jinyoung rebrand himself as Ash Island. After debut with How R U, Ash island were signed with Ambition Musik and reach tons of interest from the public with the song Paranoid. He’s been the leading South Korean hip hop artist that use emo-rap as their main style.

Groovyroom Profile

Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin is the one behind tons of hit track. Including the hit track VVS by their team member on SMTM 9. Already have 220 songs registered with their name as producer. Groovyroom is never run out of beat and creativity. Recently produced the collaboration track of Jay Park, pH-1 and Gen.G E-sports – All In.

Listen to Ash Island Carabiner prod by Groovyroom on Spotify and Apple Music.


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