Aquinas It Doesnt Matter

Aquinas It Doesnt Matter EP | School Rapper 3 Kang Minsoo Built His Own Music World

Runner up of School Rapper 3 Kang Minsoo is back with a new EP This time he’s exploring his own music world, establish himself not just as a rapper or hip hop artist. With 4 track inside, Aquinas It Doesnt Matter EP contain his own music and story.

Aquinas It Doesnt matter EP track list and credits.

01. Lovegame (Feat Choi Ye Geun)
Lyrics by 강민수(AQUINAS), blow of
Composed by 강민수(AQUINAS), roamerdoze, blow of
Arranged by TMC, roamerdoze
Guitar Park Junghyun

02. It Doesn’t Matter
Lyrics by 강민수(AQUINAS)
Composed by 강민수(AQUINAS), ROHAN(AllRN:D), DDANK(AllRN:D)
Arranged by ROHAN(AllRN:D), DDANK(AllRN:D)
Chorus Choi Jaewon

03. Bad Boy
Lyrics by 강민수(AQUINAS)
Composed by 강민수(AQUINAS), 14o2, TMC, roamerdoze
Arranged by 14o2, TMC
04. Only U
Lyrics by 강민수(AQUINAS)
Composed by 강민수(AQUINAS), Nozy, TMC
Arranged by Nozy, TMC
Chorus 김혜수


Mixing Engineer TMC(mAd sOuL cHiLd, Dr J, 14o2)
Mastering Engineer Randy Merrill, TMC(mAd sOuL cHiLd, Dr J)
Recording Studio TMC studio
Mixing Studio TMC studio
Mastering Studio Sterling Sound, TMC studio
Music Producer LEE SEUNGHWAN, TMC(mAd sOuL cHiLd)

Aquinas It Doesnt Matter Music VIdeo

Beside adding different type of music element and instrument to the song. Aquinas also add more performance by having dance routine, something that become more common in the Korean Hip Hop Industry in recent years. There’s also tons of traditional Korean music and singing technique that were used in the song. Aquinas also promote the songs on Music Show such as Music Core, Show Champion, Music Bank, and M Countdown.

Beside the original version, Aquinas have 3 more version of the song. There’s a remix version which replace the hook with an EDM drop. There’s a band version which have rock element that available in streaming platform. There’s also a korean traditional music version which he perform at Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook.

Aquinas It Doesnt Mater (Remix)

Aquinas School Rapper 3 journey.

Aquinas is a runner up of School Rapper 3, lost out to the eventual winner Lee Youngji. Even from the start of the program, Kang Minsoo have been catching everyone attention. Even reach one of the highest score and become team leader for the second round.


Listen to Aquinas It Doesnt Matter Spotify, Apple Music, and Melon


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