ALEPH SPilled Memories

Aleph Spilled Memories | When Everything Cooled Down

ALEPH release a new single! Spilled Memories is the new single of singer-songwriter ALEPH that have been really active in 2021, release more than 20 songs this year.


The pounding hearts from the excitement of my first love’s has cooled down now,

all that’s left is subtle emotions

Everything feel so trivial. I’m losing it. I’m start to forget those feelings

Recalling the things that made me emotional back then and the thing i lost

Aleph Spilled Memories song Description

ALEPH Spilled Memories Credit

ALEPH SPilled Memories credit

Composers: Lee Jungjae, Jeon Hyeon-myung
Lyricists: Lee Jungjae
Arranger: Jeon Hyeon-myung

Executive Produced by Studio White Hands, Minimal Life
Produced by Jeon Hyun-myung
Vocal : Jeongjae Lee
Acoustic & Elec Guitar: Youngmyeong Han
Bass: Sanghwan Park
Chorus : Hyunmyeong Jeon
Synth : Hyunmyeong Jeon
Drum : Hyunmyeong Jeon
Piano: Hyunmyeong Jeon 

All tracks mix&mastering by Jungwook Song (Road Music)

ALEPH Profile

Lee Jungjae or more known with his stage name ALEPH debut in 2017 with the track Fall in Love Again. Jungjae actually participate in MNET program Breakers, a program about singer-songwriter that include Colde, OVAN, Penomeco, Seo Samuel, MIA, HUI of Pentagon, 20yearsofage, and Cha Jihye.

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