AILEE for All Time

Ailee For All Time | OST of Otome Game with Same Title

Ailee continue her activities after releasing full album AMY. This time participate for the soundtrack of For All Time, a mobile otome (Female-oriented game genre). After going with close beta, the dating simulation game with further element finally launched in South Korea. Let’s check the OST by AILEE and the game itself

Ailee For All Time OST

The game is a special romance fantasy that unfolds in a parallel world. Ailee voice captures the emotions of the game and gives the depth for the game introduction. Ailee herself dive deep into the game story to understand the lyrics of the song and bring the right emotion to sing the original soundtrack of the game.

AILEE Interview

Ailee For All Time Credits

AILEE for All Time

Lyrics by Park Jeong Uk (MOT) Kim Junil (MOT)
Composed by Park Jeong Uk (MOT) €€
Arranged by IRO (MOT) Park Jeong Uk (MOT)
String Arranged by IRO
String by Jung String
Guitar by Jeong Su-wan
Piano by IRO
Drum by Kwak
Jun- yong Bass by Hong Young-hwan
Recorded by Ja -yeon Choi at W Sound, Seong – geun Oh (Assist: Se-young Oh) at Studio-T 
Mixed by Jun – seong Jo at W Sound
Mastered by Nam-woo Kwon at 821 Sound

Ailee Profile

Amy Lee, widely known as Ailee is a Korean-American singer and songwriter who recently signed under The L1ve, Ailee debut with a hit track titled Heaven in 2012 and earned the Best New Artist award in multiple award shows. Since then Ailee have release tons of hits track that top music charts including for Goblin drama OST I will go to you like the first snow.

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