27ring Genkidama Remix

27RING Genkidama Remix | Ball of Energy

Genkidama is one of the most potent technique of Dragon Ball Series. User gather energy from the life force around us to create a ball of energy that can be blast to finish the enemy, then Kame-kame-ha! 27Ring debut with such a blast in 2019 with Genkidama Remix. A song that still resonance to this day and jumpstart the career of many hip hop artist.

27ring Genkidama Remix

Everyone on earth, give us your qi! 27Ring bring one of the best cypher style song with a catchy hook and easy to listen beat that were produced by 3 producer: Young VA$$, Shahgoon, and Xenovibe. This song also kickstart the career of Viceversa and Jiho Givenchy that rise in popularity after participating in this song.

Genkidama Remix feature:

  • Asol
  • Changstarr
  • Basick
  • Niahn
  • Viceversa
  • QM
  • Jiho GIvenchy

27ring Genkidama Remix credit

Lyricists: 27RING, Asol, Changstarr*, Basick, niahn, viceversa, QM, Jiho Givenchy
Composers: ShahgooN, XENOVIBE, YOUNG VA$$, 27RING, Oakerdidit x Morteh
Arranged by: ShahgooN, XENOVIBE, YOUNG VA$$

Executive Producer by ShahgooN @CHANNEL PRIVATE
Produced by 27RING
Recorded by ShahgooN @CHANNEL PRIVATE
Mixed/Mastered by ShahgooN @CHANNEL PRIVATE
Artwork by 27Chain
M/V Directed by HYPNOS @hypnos_chris
Make up Artist Unbirthday, DASONA, Hippie King @ Yangjae-dong Changyeol Barbershop
Assisted by Keymaker, Hippie King, Jose
Costume Sponsorship by Big Marvel, Woopa, Lydo
Special intro – ROYDO

27ring Profile

27RING is one of the most promising rookie of 2019 with multiple hit track one after another. After release 27WAVE album, 27ring goes to serve his mandatory military duty for 1 years and 6 month. Now he’s back and starting to make music once again.

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