The Quiett Bentley 2, Last Song of 1llionaire Records?


Put your 1llionaire signs up! The Quiett prepare the last gift for all of us, a song that mark the ends of an era. An era that we all would remember. (HEADING 3)



1llionaire records have accompany us for more 9 years. 11.11, is a day where we put our 1llionaire signs up every year because it’s 1llionaire day. This year 11.11 marks it’s 10th anniversary and the last and The Quiett have a gift for every 1llionaire Records fan out there.


The Quiett – Bentley 2 Music Video (HEADING 4)

Credits :
Composer : noisemasterminsu, AP Boi, Doplamingo
Arranger : The Quiett
lyrics : The Quiett, Yumdda, jerd
Produced by noisemasterminsu, AP Boi, Doplamingo
Co-produced by The Quiett
Additional vocals by jerd
Music Video by DearLiar
Mixing Engineer The Quiett at Quiett Heaven
Mastering Engineer Vlado Meller at Vlado Meller Mastering
Photo by hidongki

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What do you think about the last gift of 1llionaire records? Put Your 1llionaire signs up!

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