Crush Itaewon Class Drama OST | No Words

Crush is back with a new OST! Not only known for his soulful music, Crush is also known as one of the best OST singer. This time it’s for Itaewon Class drama OST.

Crush Itaewon Class

Crush have been working hard last year. Release the full album Midnight to Sunrise which receive much love, even winning at Korean Hiphop Awards 2020 as the best R&B Album of the year. Now Crush is back with a new song, an Original Soundtrack for hit Drama from JTBC : Itaewon Class.


Crush No Words Audio

Crush is working with lyricist Kwon Young Chan & Composer Hong Sojin. Lyricist Kwon Young Chan who already work with Jung Seunghwan in the past for Drama My Country the new Age. While composer Hong Sojin is part of Band Wonderlust & already work with IU, Zico, Sam Kim & Crush.



Recently, Crush also participate for the hit drama Crash Landing on You OST.

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