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Punchnello singing voice! Not expected, Punchnello come as one of the contestant on King of Mask Singer ep 239, Punchnello King of Mask Singer.

Punchnello King of Mask Singer

SMTM 8 winner Punchnello awe us with his tight rap, technique & feelings. Now it’s time for Punchnello to awe us with his voice. Come as a contestant on the latest episode of King of mask Singer ep 239, Punchnello show us his vocals that we rarely hear.


Punchnello cover Bravo My Life (Original SSAW)

Punchnello singing ‘Bravo My Life!’ (Original by SSAW) With a score of 70 – 29, Punchnello didnt win the 1st round battle and eliminated in the process. TMI : GREE knows who Punchnello is and even write Punchnello name in the paper, he also give a mjor hints to everyone.



Punchnello end his appearance in King of Mask singer by covering She Is by Clazziquai project. Punchnello is a big fan of Clazziquai project, often play their songs on his Instagram Live.

Punchnello She Is (Original Clazziquai project


Bonus : Punchnello Lime.

Make sure to follow Punchnello on Instagram : @Fkuropinion. If you want to watch Punchnello King of Mask Singer ep 239 you can watch it HERE



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