Masewonder [NOT]4me,4you,4us | New EP

Masewonder release a new EP! The EP include a full version of the song With You that was pre released several time last year, 2019. Let’s check out Masewonder [NOT]4me,4you,4us.

Masewonder [NOT]4me,4you,4us

Just like the title [NOT]4me,4you, an EP that Masewonder made for himself, you & everyone. Masewonder also have a witty title track that were based by his own life experience, To the 25th constellation. 25th constellation is the most beautiful star constellation just like when Masewonder really like someone who really beautiful when he’s younger.

Masewonder [NOT]4me,4you,4us tracklist

  • I Dont Care feat Yanu
  • I Like You (Lala)
  • Allergy )Alone)
  • To the 25th constellation
  • With You feat YunB & Takuwa

Masewonder to the 25th constellation Audio



Masewonder with You feat YunB & Takuwa

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