Do You Know Hip Hop | MNET New Program 1st Gen KHH Artist

Do You Know Hip Hop? Another new hip hop program by MNET! This time it’s about 1st generation rapper from 90’s and 2000’s.

Do You Know Hip Hop

MNET Continue with a new program after the success of SMTM, Unpretty Rapstar & School Rapper. Now with a new contestant, 1st generation rapper. The rapper from 90’s and 2000’s will compete with each other in the program. MNET currently in discussion with several rapper including former SMTM contestant Onesun to appear in the program that air on 28th of February 2020.


1st Generation Rapper : Honey Family MY Way

Legendary hip hop group such as Drunken tiger, Movement Crew, Honey Family, Jinusean, 1TYM & CB Mass just to name a few of 1st generation rapper, the pioneer of korean hip hop scene. There’s still many more hip hop artist in the past that we havent mention, just like the PD Said : “if you’re a long time hip hop fan you will be glad to see them again”

Drunken Tiger ‘I Want You’



Yoo Byungjae & Lee Yongjin as Do You Know HIp hop? MC

TMI : Yoo Byungjae & Lee Yongjin reported gonna be the MC of the program! The two MC is familiar with the hip hop scene, Yoo Byungjae recently debut as a rapper and feature in Dynamic Duo Off Duty album. Lee Yongjin is hosting Guerilla Date on TVN D where rapper often come as a guest.



Excited for the new program Do You Know HIp Hop? Let us know your opinion for the program in the comment section below!


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